As is well known, the Afrikaans word apartheid means “apartness”. In South Africa, this involved keeping blacks and whites apart. We have moved on from that of course, but it seems that notions of apartheid still persist amongst some of our elites.  

We have now arrived at the very dangerous place where we find the emergence of medical apartheid – resulting in various groups being forcibly kept apart. In particular, I refer to the growing demands being made by state and business elites to have mandatory corona vaccinations, along with things like vaccine passports. 

and others have long warned that this can only result in a two-tiered society – a new apartheid. There will be the privileged members of the upper class who have happily gone along with these vaccinations. And there will be a new underclass comprised of those who for various reasons have genuine concerns about the Covid vaccines and are proceeding cautiously here. 

They will become a new class of lepers, shunned by society and increasingly discriminated against. And all this is very real indeed. We have seen far too many governments and businesses using carrot and stick approaches to coerce people into getting vaccinated. 

But as various medical codes of ethics make perfectly clearall medical treatments must be fully voluntary and must involve informed consent. No coercion should take place, and no manipulation should occur. And that applies to vaccinations as well. I have often quoted from the Australian Immunisation Handbook which says this: “[Vaccines] must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.

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