On 14 November, a Zurich attorney announced a lawsuit against three officials in Swissmedic and five in Insel Group, which runs a large hospital centre in Bern.

The complaint alleges Swissmedic violated the nation’s criminal code by approving poorly tested, ineffective vaccines and then ignoring thousands of Swiss cases of related disability and death. Insel Group is part, it states, of the “circle of offenders.”

Among many alleged injuries listed in the complaint, including disability and deaths, was this: “Collapse in birth rates: over 6,000 missing babiesin 2022.”

Criminal Case Against Swissmedic and Vaccinators

Press Release: Criminal Charges Filed Against Swissmedic

On 14 July 2022, a lawyer filed a 300-page criminal complaint with the relevant cantonal prosecutor on behalf of six people allegedly injured by mRNA vaccinations. It is aimed at three representatives of the Swiss regulatory and supervisory authority for pharmaceuticals and medical devices (“Swissmedic”) and five vaccinating doctors from the Bern Inselspital. The lawyer, Philipp Kruse, has now gone public with a media conference.

By going public, the plaintiffs want to prevent more people from being harmed by the novel and harmful mRNA vaccines, Kruse said.

The criminal complaint comprises around 300 pages and can be viewed HERE together with the scientific evidence – evidence report, around 300 pages, plus 1,200 pieces of evidence.

A criminal case has been opened for one of the plaintiffs against vaccinating doctors. But regarding the main proceedings, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, four months after charges were filed, has not even informed the team who is responsible or whether proceedings have started. As the authorities have remained largely passive since the criminal complaint was filed, on 14 November, lawyers representing the plaintiffs held a press conference to present the facts and the results of their comprehensive year-long investigation.

Making presentations at the press conference were Dr. Michael Palmer, Professor Andreas Sönnichsen, Professor Martin Haditsch, Professor Konstantin Beck and Dr. Urs Guthauser, along with former senior public prosecutor Jurg Vollenweider and former deputy public prosecutor Markus Zollinger. 

The presentations show that Swissmedic has seriously and permanently violated their duty of care in relation to medicinal products, with serious consequences for young, healthy people and the entire population.

The press conference is in German.  You can watch it HERE.  By selecting the “transcript” option on YouTube a window showing the English translation can be read.  For some reason, the English transcript is ahead of the speakers. However, within the transcript are numbers beginning and ending with “#” denoting where the transcript begins in the video. So, for non-German speakers, it will be easier to read the transcript. You can download a copy of the slides used in the presentations HERE, labelled as “PowerPoint,” for the English version select “IN.”

According to the Therapeutic Products Act, Swissmedic is obliged to take all measures to ensure that people’s health is not endangered. This includes recording risks regularly, systematically and with foresight.  Additionally, the Act requires Swissmedic to ensure that no products are released whose quality, safety and effectiveness have not been proven. If the responsible persons at Swissmedic breach these elementary duties of care, they are liable to prosecution.

The legal team noted that:

  • Contrary to the public announcements by Swissmedic, the mandatory legal requirements regarding the quality, effectiveness and safety of the mRNA “vaccines” were never met. The manufacturers’ approval studies do not show that the vaccines are effective in reducing transmission, nor that they can prevent serious illnesses or deaths.
  • Solid studies that have proven the safety of the new vaccine in pregnant women are still missing. Studies that supposedly prove the safety of this vulnerable group are methodologically insufficient. Even within Swissmedic, the Human Medicines Expert Committee explicitly warned of possible risks during pregnancy. The vaccination recommendation for pregnant women is still based on hypotheses and insufficient data.
  • Swissmedic has failed to subject the products that were hastily approved in violation of the minimum legal standards to a consistent and risk-adequate, active product surveillance (so-called pharmacovigilance).

Through the unjustified approval of risky medicines for the entire healthy population, Swissmedic has created an increased risk for the healthy population, which has never before emanated from medicines in Switzerland.

“The mRNA vaccination not only contains dangerous components, it also produces them itself, including the spike protein. This is distributed in all organs and blood vessels of the body and can lead to blood clots and subsequently to thrombosis, embolism and strokes,” Dr. Palmer said.

To date, studies on mRNA vaccines have not been able to prove any relevant effectiveness for either mild or severe cases, the legal team said.  An analysis from August 2022, referenced in the presentation by Prof. Sönnichsen, shows in detail that the mRNA vaccinations have neither positively influenced the course of the pandemic nor prevented deaths. On the contrary, reliable evidence is growing worldwide that the level of vaccination coverage is associated with an increase in Covid related deaths and mortality.

Never before has a drug been approved with as many serious side effects as mRNA vaccines. Prof. Haditsch stated that mRNA vaccines cause 40 times more deaths per 1 million vaccine doses than flu vaccines. According to figures from the US military database, the mRNA vaccines are leading to a dramatic increase in heart attacks, cancer and neurological diseases. Data from the largest US life insurers show that excess mortality among their policyholders reached a peak in the third quarter of 2021, even exceeding the excess mortality in “the pandemic year 2020”. Inflammation of the heart muscle that is exclusively related to Covid-19 is significantly less common than after vaccination.

Prof. Beck showed that after the introduction of mRNA vaccinations, the data on excess mortality published by the Federal Statistical Office (“BfS”) from 2021 was permanently above the BfS expectation maximum, and this more clearly than in the pandemic year 2020. The younger age groups, in particular, have been significantly above the BfS expectation forecasts since 2021.

In Switzerland, since April 2022, there has also been a significant and sustained decline in live births. This is unprecedented in Swiss history. The extent of the decline in the birth rate correlates very clearly with the onset of vaccination activity in the younger age groups of the population. However, a correlation with the Covid events or the social restrictions during the pandemic cannot be determined. The observations are consistent with those in the EU and suggest that mRNA vaccinations are responsible for the decline in births.

Despite all the risk-increasing factors, the legal team said, Swissmedic has done nothing to take adequate measures to reduce the health risks: no improvement in pharmacovigilance; no improvement in public education; insufficient requirements for manufacturers; no restrictions on previously granted approvals, etc.

“The temporary approval of the mRNA vaccines has all the characteristics of an experiment on humans – but with the special feature that the participants have not been correctly informed about the experimental nature to this day. This poses an acute threat to public health,” the legal team added.

As well as publicising the criminal complaint the lawyers made the following demands:

  • immediate opening of criminal proceedings against the responsible persons at Swissmedic;
  • immediate suspension of approval of all mRNA vaccines;
  • Prompt and truthful information to the public about all decision-relevant facts for the assessment of the risk/benefit ratio of mRNA vaccines; and,
  • enforcement of an effective system for recording the side effects of vaccination.

The press release is written in German.  Below, we have attached a copy translated into English, using Google translate.

Criminal-Charges-Filed-Against-Swissmedic pdf Download

The Missing Babies

In his presentation at the press conference, Prof. Beck concluded:

“The 2022 death wave is setting new records; it is simply not breaking.  That has never happened before. Then it is also detectable at ages 0 to 64 … We also have death waves in the 20 to 39 age group, which we never talk about, but not in the Corona years, but in the year of vaccination. And we have the biggest drop in births in over 100 years, nine months after vaccination …”

Because of the timing difference between the English transcript and the presentation in the video press conference, we have attached the transcript of Prof. Beck’s presentation below.

Transcript-Prof.-Beck-14-Nov-22 pdf Download

The legal team have also released a copy of a 32-page report dated 7 November 2022 on excess mortality in Switzerland from 2020 to 2022 (week 42) authored by Prof. Beck.  The original report is in German so we have translated it into English, using Google translate, and attached a copy below.

Beck-Excess-Mortality-in-Switzerland-7-Nov-22-pdf Download

In this report he explained further:

“There is a 10% drop in the number of births in 2022, which is unique in the last 100 years and started exactly nine months after the vaccination peak in this age group. The hypothesis put forward by Swissmedic as justification, that this is simply a change in behaviour and therefore a voluntary renunciation of children and not a possible side effect of the vaccination, is not convincing. A (probably) voluntary decline in births in those cantons that later have a high vaccination rate can already be demonstrated in 2020. However, this change in behaviour is ten times smaller than the decline in 2022. That a ten times stronger change in behaviour should now follow the vaccination, especially in those cantons in which the voluntary decline in the birth rate for 2020 could not be proven at all seems rather implausible. Even if this is not yet hard evidence, there is increasing evidence that the vaccination has a fertility-reducing effect.”

In September, Prof. Beck, a University of Luzern insurance economist and statistician, co-authored the leading Swiss report that found “historic” birth declines. 

In a Zoom call, Beck and his co-author, infectious diseases physician Pietro Vernazza, discussed the “historically unprecedented drop in birth rates” that they found. Along with researchers like them, they are analysing data as it becomes available and updating their findings; they are acutely aware of the need to share these trends quickly in a world in which adults of child-bearing age are still being pressured to vaccinate.

The 39-page report by Beck and Vernazza, dated 22 September 2022, called on Swissmedic to warn potential parents about possible fertility risks of the vaccine.

Further, and also key to fertility, they pointed to a study of sperm donors that found a 22 per cent drop in the number of motile sperm three to four months after vaccination. The drop was still 19 per cent after five months.

Swissmedic disagreed. Eight days after the release of the Swiss birth report, the agency categorically rejected its conclusions in a letter to Beck and Vernazza.

“After carefully examining the report, Swissmedic comes to the conclusion that the data presented and the analysis cannot statistically prove a causal connection,” it stated.

But there is an emerging wave of European research – most in the last four months – being done outside of normal channels and by independent researchers: a doctor, university professor, and legislator here; a high school educator, pharmacist, and statistician there.

In perhaps the largest study on this worrisome trend of vaccine-related infertility, three analysts based in Germany studied data from nineteen countries in Europe. They found a 7 per cent decline in births, translating into 110,059 fewer births in the first half of 2022 than the average of similar periods from 2019 to 2021. Data was not analysed for the United Kingdom and Italy.

Read the full article ‘The Missing Babies of Europe’ by Mary Beth Pfeiffer HERE.

Source – https://expose-news.com/2022/12/01/lawyer-goes-public-with-criminal-case/