In Mildura’s recent “covid outbreak”, the man labelled “responsible”, tested negative TWICE using the flawed PCR tests, after being notified he had been at a “tier 2 exposure site” when at the MCG watching a footy game.

As per the Vic government directions, he was advised he did not have to isolate as long as he had received a negative test result. He went about living his life, including going out for dinner with 9 other people at Mr BunMi an AMAZING Vietnamese restaurant in Mildura (one we personally recommend!)

Mildura man had the misfortune of being tested at hospital when he presented for an unrelated matter. He tested positive at that time.

Of course, Mildura went into MELTDOWN. People panicked. Queues were up to 5 hours long at the “pop up testing stations”. The most terrified, certainly slept and showered with their masks on. People started driving alone in their cars wearing masks – probably because you just never know when Covid could come through the air vents!

People who hadn’t so much as a sniffle and hadn’t been to any of the exposure sites, ran off to get tested “just to make them feel better” because after all, it is the “wildly infectious and deadly delta strain”, and everyone knows Covid hides in and can jump out from bushes when one is walking past and all.

Mr BunMi was listed as a “tier 1 exposure site”. There were a few tier 1 and 2 sites along with it. 2 of which were later removed as the contact tracers seemingly got it wrong.

All the people who had been in contact with Mildura man including the 9 other people at the dinner table at Mr Bunmi, were required to isolate for 14 days even if they had negative tests.

Guess how many people contracted this “highly infectious” variant of Conjob-19?

Nada! Zip! Zero! NONE!
Incredible, isn’t it?

Miraculously, even with this being the “highly infectious delta strain” NOT ONE PERSON at the table with our footy loving friend, contracted Covid. In fact, the ONLY people contracting it were his household contacts.

Oh and never mind the fact, he didn’t even know he had the virus until he was tested.

Here we are being preached to by the MSM & politicians this is “highly infectious” as justification to push V A X X I N G and lockdowns but out of 9 people who were sitting with someone who had this strain, weren’t “infected”!

Sidenote, none of the staff at ANY of the exposure sites tested positive to this “wildly infectious delta strain” even though at two of the locations, staff were not wearing masks.

Once again, we are being PLAYED FOR FOOLS!
Once again, politicians and B grade health officials are using the public as pawns in their games.

The question is, when will the SILENT MAJORITY stand up and realise the only way out of this nightmare is to RISE UP, STOP COMPLYING & SAY NO MORE TO THIS RUBBISH?

Personally, we believe that day is not too far away, given the massive turnout at the protests last weekend.
Let’s ALL pray we are right.