On 12 February 2022 People for Safe Vaccines released its analysis on the COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness in Australia.

The purpose of the report is to test the claims made by government and medical officials that mass vaccination reduces cases/infections, hospitalisations, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) admissions, deaths (CHIDs) and transmission in Australia by validating those claims against the real-world data.

The report examined the NSW situation closely using the available data sets in that state, as well as results from Australian Bureau of Statistics and Our World in Data.

This analysis revealed that the data don’t just show that the alleged vaccines fail to reduce risk of infection and transmission, but they also do not reduce CHIDs. In fact, they appear to be exacerbating them.

In our first supplementary report we provide updated figures and examine the recent provisional reports from the Australian Bureau of Statistics on All-cause mortality

and COVID-19 mortality, which states only 83 people died with COVID-19 rather than directly from the virus itself.

In addition we provide a commentary on the current outbreak of COVID-19 in Western Australia. Our observations indicate that lockdowns and mass vaccination fail to prevent or even control the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

“the recent increase in cases during strict lockdowns coincides with increased uptake of the vaccine boosters, suggesting that the booster shots may be the biggest contributing factor.”

Statistics from NSW provide a clear correlation between uptake in boosters and spikes in CHIDs, coinciding with a sharp decrease in those ‘unvaccinated’.

The following chart shows a statistically significant decrease in severe COVID-19 in those ‘unvaccinated’.

In stark contrast to claims by government and medical officials that the vaccines reduce transmission and severity of disease, the statistics in hospitalisations, ICU admissions and deaths with COVID-19 increased. More intriguing is a significant portion of severe cases were in vaccinated persons.

In the report conclusion it states that because of Western Australia’s strict border restrictions and high vaccination rates, this group can be considered a virtual control group. Considering their statistically significant spike in transmission, hospitalisations and their first death since May 2020, it is a compelling argument that the social measures and mass vaccination is a distinct failure.

While the Secretary of Health, Dr Brendan Murphy continues to ignore our requests to review the vaccine rollout in children based on grounds that safety and efficacy are unacceptable for paediatric use, more and more Australians are experiencing and/or seeing these failings with their own eyes.

Unlike our politicians and medical officers, the figures don’t lie and seeing them only confirms what many already suspect.

Source – https://www.peopleforsafevaccines.org/post/first-supplementary-report