Here’s the picture of one drop of New Zealand’s Pfizer COMIRNATY “vaccine” under a cover slip, after it was inadvertently heated lightly, and viewed later the same day through dark field microscopy

We are an international group of scientists and medical practitioners who, through various angles and techniques, have observed similar microscopic phenomena regarding the recently deployed Covid-19 injections. We have examined various aspects of Pfizer Comirnaty, Janssen, J and J, and  Moderna shots and will continue to examine future injections. 

When the first shots were released, we waited and observed the symptoms and blood of those injected. There were some unique findings. Then, because some very strange microscopic observations were reported by others, we decided independently to look at the injection solution alone, and later at how the injection interacts with blood. Subsequent to that, we discovered each other, and shared the findings. 

We have all been shocked by the structures within the injection and how the blood interacts with it.  

Many people are rightfully caught up in the debate regarding safety and efficacy, and above all necessity. What we have observed, takes the shock to a deeper level.  

We think we have discovered why nothing regarding the “science” of efficacy makes sense—whilst ever more ineffective injections are mandated, or new formulations for new variants are proposed.  

Our questions: 

  • Why is the injection being forced onto those who have naturally recovered? 
  • What is so important about the injections, that governments have broadcast concerted social media psychological battery campaigns against those who choose not to take the so-called vaccine, including the naturally immune? 
  • Why are countries insisting on vaccine passes, and disallowing negative tests? 
  • Why are governments globally promoting an untested and unknown vaccine with unimaginable side-effects and consequences? 

Our findings seem to answer a few of those questions.  

The injections carry within their function, at least two obvious dangers. 

The first is the bio-immunological consequence of each person’s body manufacturing unknown quantities of toxic spike protein, for an unknown period, in undefined organs of the body. 

The second, is what can clearly be seen as a self-assembling electric nano-system.  Whilst we cannot describe the exact mechanisms by which the injected solution assembles the circuitry, or its purpose, the presence is undeniable. 

Patents describing the purposes for manipulation of the body by nanotechnology, have been in plain sight for a long time, and the astute can also find presentations on YouTube. The developers aren’t shy about how their inventions can be used for external control of those who become part of the internet of bodies and brains.  

Still, there is the unknown purpose and development of scientifically rumored graphene in the injections. We have no certainty regarding its influence on the immune system and the body. We also are largely in the dark about mRNA, Nano lipids, hydrogel, and the myriad of other unknown or unacknowledged ingredients that likely exist in these injections. We have observed other objects that form, grow, and change shape and structure.  We report what we see and have great concern for those who are injected. 

Some of us who have been studying live and dry blood for decades, have a very clear understanding of the interactions between blood and injection fluid as is described in our various presentations. The potential consequences of the “vaccine” liquid in the blood and tissues are clearly devastating.  

Out of concern for our safety and livelihoods, we function anonymously.  

The facts of our findings speak for themselves.  

Our identities do not matter, because anybody with similar equipment and skills can repeat our experiments. It is important that anyone with the microscopic skills and access does this, because reproducibility is the core of good science. Our methods are described whenever relevant, but the reality is that we had to discover our own methods, and there could be different methods that reveal more than what we have found.  

We invite other scientists and practitioners to submit their findings and cases for review and possible anonymous publication on this site with ours. A submission portal will soon be available.

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