An endemic of a seasonal beta corona cold virus, that may kill some people, of course, that is becoming more and more harmless through permanent mutation, has been inflated into a pandemic of a perennial killer virus, that is becoming increasingly dangerous through erratic mutation – alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon and so on and so forth – with PR, PCR, masks and the myth of epidemiologically relevant asymptomatic transmission, and fought with serial unnecessary, ineffective, unsafe experimental mRNA and DNA injections.

This tapeworm sentence shorter:

Mainly the test causes the disease, not the virus.

Or even shorter

The test is the pest.

Not only the test is the pest, of course. The entire prevailing corona narrative is nonsense. It justifies the globally dominating unscientific, inhumane madness. Such can be wrought with any respiratory virus: if we no longer test all people with a hypersensitive, low-specific RT-PCR test, that cross-reacts with other viruses, for theoretically one single RNA fragment of SARS-CoV-2, but for one of, say, influenza or metapneumoviruses, we immediately have an influenza or metapneumovirus testing pandemic.

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