A woman was getting on a bus. Suddenly, she stopped. “I’ve forgotten my mask,” she said.

“You can’t come on without a mask,” said the driver officiously.

A woman who was leaving the bus removed her mask and offered it to the stranger. “Here you are,” she said, “have mine”.

And although I still find it difficult to believe this, the maskless woman accepted the gift and put it on – offering her thanks as she wrapped the dirty, used mask around her face.

It’s madness, of course.

Britons are currently getting through 3 billion face masks a month. If people changed their masks as regularly as they should then the figure would be much higher.

Even when the rules about wearing masks were softened, many people continued to wear them – encouraged by politicians and others insisting that masks should be worn in some public places. The supermarkets and other establishments I’ve visited since so-called Freedom Day have been as full as ever of mask wearers. Very few shops have staff who are brave enough to show their faces. I would estimate that at least a third wear masks outdoors and ninety per cent wear them in shops and so on.

I have previously documented the risks associated with wearing a mask, and my small book entitled Proof that masks do more harm than good is available free on vernoncoleman.org and vernoncoleman.com You can download the book and you can email it free of charge to those who still believe the official lies.

The book is filled with scientific evidence proving beyond doubt that wearing a mask does far more harm than good. The incidence of disorders such as bacterial pneumonia is soaring because of the wearing of masks, and many of these deaths will doubtless be inaccurately described as being covid related. It is no exaggeration to say that the people pushing masks are responsible for thousands of deaths.

Commentators in the mainstream media invariably stick to the official line – that masks are valuable – and they rarely if ever even mention the clear and present dangers of covering your mouth and nose.

And there is one hazard associated with mask wearing which has been totally ignored by the mainstream media: cancer.

We know, without a shadow of doubt, that mask wearing results in low blood oxygen levels – hypoxia.

Experiments have been done proving this to be true.

And we also know that cancer thrives in a low oxygen environment.

And so the inescapable conclusion is that people who wear masks – particularly those who wear them for hours at a time – will be more likely to develop cancer.

Moreover, individuals who have had cancer are more likely to suffer from metastases – a spread of their disease – if they wear a mask.

This isn’t a theory or a suggestion – it’s an unarguable fact. Just check it out if you don’t believe me. Just type `cancer and oxygen levels’ into a search engine.

And then show the results to anyone you know who insists that wearing a mask is sensible. It is clear that mask wearing isn’t just part of the training programme – it’s also part of the culling process. Drug companies will benefit, of course, as the demand for chemotherapy drugs rises.

UK Government advice is that individuals don’t have to wear a mask if doing so would endanger or damage their health. The precise wording is that you don’t need to wear a face covering if you wish to avoid harm or injury.

So that’s pretty clear.

If you want to reduce your cancer risk then you should think hard before wearing a mask.

Finally, here’s another reason that masks are harmful.

Babies need to see human faces as part of their development. It isn’t good for them to see masked faces all day long. Anyone who wears a mask is being cruel to babies.

Source – https://vernoncoleman.org/videos/masks-cause-cancer