La Quinta Columna has shared a summary of the intra-body nano-network that forms after each inoculation the population receives. The author of this summary is Mik Andersen, owner of the research blog Corona2Inspect, who’s a renowned scientist who has chosen to collaborate with La Quinta Columna and Dr. Pablo Campra’s research under a pseudonym.

This nano-network described by Andersen is the one that would allow the neurostimulation of the population through a network designed for this purpose. 

Many indications confirm that neuromodulation is the real purpose of the operation behind the global inoculation, ranging from the enactment of neuro-rights laws in some countries to the structuring of the same nano-network that is being deciphered, which would be a very advanced military technology.

This summary originally shared in Spanish has been brought to English by Orwell City, together with an excerpt from La Quinta Columna’s program in which this work is presented.

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Ricardo Delgado: Right now, we’re going to see a summary made by a great scientist that we’re going to protect under a pseudonym that you already know very well. He has identified all the images, with parameters from the scientific literature, taken from the analysis of the vaccines that Dr. Campra has carried out. Let’s see it. Let’s share a screen. Now I understand you guys are watching the screen, right? There you go. That’s right

Brief summary (pdf): DocDroid (English) | La Quinta Columna (Spanish)

Well, the scientist’s pseudonym is Mik Andersen. We’re going to see a brief overview of what intra-body networks are. Now we’re going to talk about nanotechnology. Specifically, about what the elite is trying to do. It’s the future or the purpose of this operation, where Elon Musk is an important piece. Has anyone ever wondered who has given Elon Musk permission so that he could launch thousands of satellites into space? He has a free hand. That’s part of the objective. And also, part of the elite’s plan. Let’s get started. 

Diagram of the intra-corporal network. Let’s look at this diagram, and with it, we’ll understand everything. 

In this diagram, we can see all the components that are introduced into the body after each inoculation. Together, they act as a network for monitoring the human body. And on the one hand, as I say, we’re talking about monitoring. Mapping. But perhaps the most worrying thing is… This is already worrying because you have been branded like cattle. But the most worrying thing is neurostimulation. That is, remember that a router sends signals, but it also receives them.

In this case, these nanorouters will send information on vital signs, heart activity, attention, blood glucose level, etc. But you can also send signals to them. And as a consequence of sending these signals, changes in biology can occur. Or behavioral changes if we’re talking about an intra-brain nano-network. In this case, we’re talking about intracorporeal. Together, they act as a network for monitoring the human body.

These images that you see here are extracted, on the one hand, from the scientific literature and compared with the Pfizer vaccine obtained by Dr. Campra through optical and electron microscopy. Components of the intra-body nano-network. Those that have been identified are carbon nanotubes and their derivatives, graphene quantum dots, hydrogel swimmers, graphene fractal nanoantennas, nanorouters or nano controllers, CODEC or nanointerface. OK? That is, encoders to encrypt information in communication.

Remember that we’re talking about a technology that’s being decrypted, but it’s a very advanced military technology. And, of course, developed behind the back of civil society. In fact, behind the backs of 80% of civil society who think that this is a vaccine. So the first thing, as I say, is to reset all the information and provide the correct information, even if it’s shocking. In the topology of the nano-network we talk about nanonodes, nanosensors, nanocontrollers, and nanointerface. This is a summary diagram.

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