Look to the doctors, scientists, researchers and academics who still honour the Nuremberg Code

No one has given their informed consent to receiving the Covid-19 injections. And anyone who has developed, promoted or administered these injections has violated the Nuremberg Code of ethics – albeit, the majority, unwittingly.

This is a harsh truth, but a fundamental one.

Informed consent is the governing principle of the Nuremberg Code. But consent for the Covid experimental injections can never be informed, for several reasons. First, it takes around ten years to develop a vaccine (and 15 years for a gene therapy), because it takes that long to gather adequate safety data. Contrary to what governments tell us, one cannot accelerate this process.

Second, the product manufacturers have not disclosed all ingredients in the vials – so we cannot know what is actually being injected and what its consequences will be. Third, we haven’t just been misinformed, we’ve been disinformed. Public health guidelines include information about these injections that simply isn’t true. For example, that they are ‘safe and effective’. This cannot be claimed because this has not been proved, and mounting data suggests otherwise.

Information transparency is absolutely essential to human medical experimentation. Dr Julie Ponesse, a former Professor of Ethics at Huron College at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, spoke so eloquently about this at the World Council for Health’s General Assembly meeting on Monday – I encourage you to visit the Video Library and watch her presentation here.

For many, the lack of informed consent to covid ‘vaccination’ can be a very painful topic, particularly if you have received the injection and are anxious about what this might mean for your health. There is a lot of fear and anxiety about the harmful effects of the injections, but I want to make something crystal clear:

If you have received the jab, you are not doomed; you aren’t helplessly sliding toward an inevitable death.

There are brilliant doctors, scientists and holistic health practitioners researching and finding treatments for vaccine injury, whether using existing modalities or developing new ones. It is possible to heal, so take heart and never lose hope. Instead, use this as an opportunity to embark on a journey of learning and discovery on how to be well. These are extraordinary and enlightening times and the doors to a bright future are as open for you as they are for anyone else.

Whether we are jabbed or not, we can all start to take responsibility for our own health and take back control of what we do with our own bodies, hearts and minds. Understanding that we are sovereign individuals with the capacity to work this out together; let’s acknowledge the painful truth of what’s happened head on, so we can learn and grow and co-create a better way.

With this in mind, here are some resources I warmly invite you to explore.

First, a powerful new documentary called Informed Consent. It was screened last Friday in the World Council for Health newsroom, together with a live Q&A with the makers of the film and some of the key interviewees, including Alan Cassels, Dr Charles Hoffe, Dr Stephen Malthouse and Dr Chris Shoemaker.

This film explores how the Covid-19 narrative has been used to violate our human rights and caused immeasurable harm. The doctors, scientists, academics and researchers interviewed in this film understand the significance of the Nuremberg Code and live by it.

Incidentally, some of you may be aware that this Substack has regularly attracted unpleasant discourse by a certain Alastair McAlpine: watching this documentary, I was shocked but not surprised to learn that he was one of thirteen doctors behind a formal complaint to the Canadian College of Physicians and Surgeons that had Dr Hoffe reprimanded for causing ‘vaccine hesitancy’. Dr Hoffe’s crime was to write to his colleagues expressing concern at evidence of harm and questioning the ethics of the vaccine roll-out.

Next, I recommend Jessica Rose’s recent Substack post, ‘Are we violating sacred codes and ethics?’ which links to an interview she did last year that is as relevant now as it was then.  In it, she states very clearly that informed consent for the Covid jabs is impossible. Well worth watching.

Finally, this video from Greece. It was broadcast on Saturday at Nuremberg 75 and features doctors, nurses and teachers who have been summarily suspended for refusing to be injected. They speak eloquently about the Hippocratic Oath and the importance of saying no. I am speaking at a conference in Greece this Saturday and am honoured to stand with the Greek doctors and scientists who continue to respect human rights and practice ethics, at great personal cost.

Coming up this Sunday…

One doctor who has spoken out against vaccine mandates and coercion is Dr David Cartland. To David, the Hippocratic Oath means something, as does upholding the ethical principles of the Nuremberg Code. In this Sunday’s Tess Talks, David shares his experience of being on the Covid care front line here in the UK, how he woke up to what was really going on, and his efforts to shake his colleagues out of complacency ever since.

All of these resources offer invaluable information – but they also connect us with the many, many doctors, nurses, scientists, academics, men and women who embody both the Hippocratic Oath and the Nuremberg Code. They are standing up for all of us, and I am so grateful to all of them for showing us the better way.

Source – https://drtesslawrie.substack.com/p/informed-consent-is-impossible-for