Ivermectin is the generic name for Stromectol, developed in 1981 by pharmaceutical giant Merck. Its patent expired in 1996, and when Boros started his treatments the cost was about five dollars a pill in the U.S. and less than a dollar in the rest of the world. Ivermectin is also used to treat heartworm in dogs and worms and other parasites in horses, cattle, and livestock. But that is far overshadowed by its use in many evolving human illnesses that created its reputation among scientists as a wonder drug for humans, and led to the Nobel Prize for its wide benefit to humanity. In treating COVID-19, prescription ivermectin is administered along with vitamins, antibiotics, and steroids as needed.

Dr. Boros, seventy-one, stands an inch under six feet with a burly build. Miami-born and a second-generation medical doctor, he owns three urgent care centers ranging over 110 miles in the Florida Keys—in Key West, Marathon, and Key Largo—employing seventy medical staff. His care centers were taking a priority over his forty-year cardiology practice when the COVID-19 pandemic swept Florida. Waves of patients complained of fever, severe muscle and joint pain, and extreme difficulty breathing. As the main doctor on the island, he was asked to talk about COVID to the Key West city commission meeting on March 3, 2020, eight days before the WHO declared an official pandemic.

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