Tape up your webcam, mute your microphones, and get rid of the smart speakers.

Ever wondered why after you search for a new bike, couch, car, etc., you see such ads pop up when you browse the internet? Or when you tell your significant other to remember to pick up dog food, you ‘coincidentally’ later see an ad for it? Essentially, your internet footprint, what you say, what you search is being tracked by the tech companies.

Now, Google is arguably the worst offender, and they are in bed with the vaccine industry. Essentially, they are a vaccine company themselves.

Article: Vaccineimpact.com

Here’s why, per Robert F. Kennedy Jr:

• Google’s parent company, Alphabet and Verily, have a series of sister subsidiaries of Google that manufacture flu and other vaccines.

• Google has a $761 million partnership with Glaxo Pharmaceutical.

• They’re harvesting medical information, then selling it to the pharmaceutical companies or partnering with pharmaceutical companies that can use that information.

Kennedy continues with eye-opening details, illustrating how deeply our privacy is being breached.

“They can tell what you’re buying habits are. They can hear you cough, listening to Siri. All of these surveillance systems that are acting in the informational systems and how we use them and what we purchase is all turned into sellable data, [and it] is now going to the vaccine companies and the big pharmaceutical companies and they’re partnered with them, and so, they’re really just a big part of the industry.”

Pretty discomforting, isn’t it? The smartphone is the most intrusive spyware device of all. If you really value your privacy, trade it in for an old flip phone, but if you want a more modest approach, place a piece of electrical tape on your device cameras (it easily peels on and off), decline or remove microphone access for unnecessary apps, and most definitely get rid of the smart speakers.

Windows 11 Privacy & Security Settings

Source – https://thevigilantfox.substack.com/p/google-is-a-vaccine-company-and-theyre