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Australia has been one of the strictest countries in terms of coronavirus lockdowns, mandates, and restrictions. It’s estimated that at least 92% of the population received at least one dose of the vaccine. However, data shared by the Australian government suggests that the vaccine itself has been killing far more people than the virus.

The many videos from Australia showing tyrannical lockdowns and arrests were frightening to say the least. The isolated country was severely locked down for many months on end, its government proving to be one of the most power-hungry entities in the world. At one point, people were not even allowed to leave their home unless they had a certain reason, and people were arrested in the street for not wearing a mask outside. Australia also became one of the first countries to implement a vaccine passport, resulting in just about every single Australian getting at least the first dose of the vaccine. Recent data shared by the Australian government suggests that the shots had a much deadlier effect on society than the virus itself.

Australian Data Shows That Death Rates Rose Rapidly After Coronavirus Vaccine Was Administered to the Masses

Author Alex Berenson shared some data by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, claiming, “The mRNA Covid vaccines are killing people, plain and simple.” While it sounds like a wild claim, the graphs he shares certainly show a strong correlation that makes you stop and wonder. The website states that there were 92,699 deaths in the first half of 2022, which is 13,524 (17%) more than the historical average. The number of deaths due to covid increased in July 2022 compared to the two months prior. And if you look at the graph, it’s obvious that the number of deaths skyrocketed starting early 2022.

Another graph shows both covid and non-covid excess fatality per week, ranging from January 2020 to June 2022, and these rates are also compared against the 2015-2019 average of deaths. There was a slight spike of deaths in April and May 2021, but it was barely noticeable. However, the line nearly jumps off the graph around January 2022 and remains extremely high until June 2022. Something is clearly going on here.

“Best guess, they lead to about a 10% rise in non-Covid mortality and no reduction in Omicron deaths,” Berenson continued. “This is Australian data, very clean because AUS had ~no Covid before vaccines; deaths are 17% above normal in 2022.”

“Also: the rise in deaths is higher and lasts longer after the third shot. The dose makes the poison, and artificially modified mRNA (in an LNP shell) doesn’t seem to be a product humans tolerate well with repeated exposure.”

Of course there could be other factors at play, but it’s suspicious at best to see that the number of deaths have clearly spiked in the last six months, at a time when the supposedly deadly coronavirus was hardly a threat to Australian society. Naturally, the mainstream media hasn’t uttered a word about this and there are few other people who are willing to shed light on it.

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