Although the authorities won’t officially admit it, it turns out the Covid-19 injections only work for a couple of months, at which point alleged immunity begins to decline. This is of course evident by the numbers seen in the latest UK Health Security Agency Report which reveal that the Covid-19 injections currently have negative effectiveness as low as minus-eighty-eight-percent in everyone over the age of 30, suggesting they are actually destroying the immune systems of the recipients.

As we know there is no long-term safety data on the Covid-19 vaccines, let alone data on whether or not it can be administered alongside the flu jab. Which is why it’s interesting to find a list of contra-indications for the Pfizer mRNA Covid-19 injection shows that 269 drugs are known to interact with the Covid-19 vaccine, 268 of which are “moderately clinically significant”, meaning combinations should usually be avoided except for under “special circumstances.

We discovered that several of the drugs listed as moderately clinically significant as interactions with the Pfizer vaccine, are all of the different flu jabs, the ones currently being administered in the right arms of the elderly and vulnerable whilst they receive a dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 injection in the other.

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