There was a World Freedom Alliance conference held in November 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here are videos from the conference.

Presentation of the World Freedom Alliance Educational Charter by Nigel Utton

Nigel Utton’s presentation to the World Freedom Alliance launching the WFA Education Charter

Freedom Travel Alliance, by Annie Seeley, Susan Sweetin, and Dolores Cahill

Freedom Travel Alliance sponsored their first flight to get Professor Dolores Cahill, Nigel Utton, Annie Seeley and Sharon to the World Freedom Alliance conference in Copenhagen 2021 – you can hear their story here in this presentation to the WFA.

The Antrax Letters and the Pandemic, by Meryl Nass

Meryl Nass presents to the World Freedom Alliance Conference in Copenhagen 2021 on the coronavirus scandal and its history in the previous anthrax conspiracy.

Dr. Amerling speaks on the pandemic narrative and the current situation in Switzerland
Presentation by Antonietta Gatti

Antonietta Gatti presents to the World Freedom Alliance Conference 2021 on what she has found in the covid vaccinations – this is enough to call a halt to the genocidal scandal which has been unleashed on the world

GAME OVER COVID-19 I ANTHRAX-01, by Heiko Schöning, MD

In his new book “Game Over” Dr Heiko Schöning reveals the scandal of the covid conspiracy linking it to the manufactured anthrax crisis and the criminal activities of the global cabal.

Nigel Utton speaks at the demonstration outside Copenhagen Town Hall
Interview with Heiko Schöning during the conference
Mads Palsvig A Better Economic System

Copenhagen 2021 – Mads Palsvig’s presentation on a Better Economic System