Following the recent announcement of the Council of State decision on the unconstitutionality of the extension of the compulsory vaccination of health workers and with the Council of State’s decision on the compulsory vaccination of Special Disaster Unit workers pending, the Greek section of the World Freedom Alliance reiterates that freedom for self-determination, like all our freedoms and rights, including the right to informed consent, cannot be circumvented or overridden in the light of the demands of any emergency situation, by any evaluation and for any “reasonable” period.

They are not subordinate to the claims and decisions of any court.

As humans we are born free and no supplementary confirmation of this is required from any person.

The full text of the decision is not yet available as it needs to be finalized, but some initial conclusions are clear:

This decision is not only overdue: it is totally inadequate. The compulsory vaccination measure was not found to be illegal and unconstitutional; only extending it was opposed on such grounds.

On this basis, the Council of State continues to deem as constitutionally tolerable measures such as compulsory ‘vaccination’* of a category of workers taken in the declared interest of protecting public health against covid-19, (despite their constituting serious interference with the enjoyment of fundamental human rights), on the condition that they be taken for the period of time judged necessary and be periodically reviewed by the competent state bodies in accordance with existing epidemiological and scientific data.

In short, the decision indirectly confirms the unacceptable position that if a preparation, a medical procedure, is assessed as safe and effective, it can be mandatory.

The original justification for supporting the constitutionality of mandatory use, that health workers must be administered the injection in order for them to be prepared for action, is unacceptable, and not just because the drug is ineffective, as those of us who do not wish to receive are frequently constrained to point out.

The state possesses all the prerequisites for appointment of sufficient numbers of medical and nursing staff and for building hospitals, but has chosen to channel its financial resources elsewhere and of course to drive these people into unemployment and emigration.

They demand individual responsibility while ensuring that a few enrich themselves by taking advantage of this and every crisis.

If this tactic continues to be allowed in the name of ’emergencies’, ’emergencies’ will continue to be created so that their destructive work may continue.

We believe that the Council of State Decision is attempting to act as a relief valve to deflate the accumulated indignation, to give the impression of a “victory” to the health workers and the movement that supports them, at the same time that the National Health Service is being handed over to the private sector.

It is, to say the least, inadequate and is being done for political reasons that have to do with keeping the alleged ‘democratic spectrum’ in power in the coming elections, thus reinforcing a growing political polarization.

Nevertheless, on the basis of this decision, the health workers have now been suspended illegally and we DEMAND
– their return be activated IMMEDIATELY without any prevarication,
– they be granted formal moral recognition
– that the State pay full financial compensation for the period of exhausting, inhuman and unreasonable suspension of work.

But it is constantly being confirmed that without mass disobedience and without overturns including , judges, politicians, the army, the police, the banks, the media, the “emergency” psychodrama will continue in response to the directives of the Great Restart orchestrators in the World Economic Forum, who seek the total enslavement of citizens.

We will not cease arousing fellow citizens and struggling to ensure that this never happens.

*And a little science for judges, lawyers, doctors and anyone else interested:
The so-called “vaccine” is not a vaccine. It is an experimental mRNA preparation. The term ‘vaccine’, ‘vaccination’ in judicial and other documents is not legally and medically sound and should be replaced, especially when it comes to court decisions and parliamentary legislation.

It is so called for specific reasons namely
– only using this terminology was it possible for it to be authorized on the grounds of an emergency – under its actual definition this would not have been possible
– for legal reasons – this is the only way for pharmaceutical companies to avoid paying compensation in the event of harm
– because now this technology is also being applied to the classical flu vaccines etc. – they are therefore automatically recognised as “vaccines”, since the term has been accepted for COVID19 preparations
– given that mRNA preparations against cancer are under development, they will be established and they are already being called ‘vaccines’

Food for thought: the fact that no insurance company insures against damage from these preparations.