The Greek section of the World Freedom Alliance responded to the call of the Italian organization La Genesi  and attended the event against the medical dictatorship in Sempione Square, Milan, on Saturday, 11/12. The event brought together journalists, activists, doctors and lawyers from all over the world who sent a message of global unity in this struggle.

Our group presented the situation in Greece in the last 2 years and communicated to the world our resistance against this organized global torture and crimes against humanity (watch the speech of our representative in this video at 29’20” or read it in pdf).

Other links from the event and the press conference:

Briefly, WFA Greece mentioned the following

FIRST CASE of Covid-19 IN GREECE 26 February 2020

  • Under the slogan “Don’t become Bergamo”, the government imposed a lockdown, the second in the world in terms of severity of measures
  • Masks everywhere – made also by companies owned by politicians or their relatives
  • The official church reacts to the measures, but eventually conforms – recently the Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomeos awards Burla for Pfizer’s contribution to humanity
  • The isolation had no effect. Total covid deaths for 2020 the same or higher than in Sweden


  • socio-economic recession
  • increase in domestic violence 11 femicides in the last 11 months!!!!
  • Deterioration of the health of the healthy
  • Families who are not ready for (tele)working or (tele)education give up the effort.
  • Increase in cocaine use (5 times) – 60% increase in alcohol and antidepressants’ consumption.
  • Children developed depression, aggressive behaviour and suicidal thoughts 3,000 visits in the last 6 months have been made to the Patras Children’s Psychiatric Hospital


  • in Greece there is a large number of “cases” that refer exclusively to positive tests, without distinguishing between non-symptomatic and symptomatic individuals, and are not presented in relation to the total number of tests. Now the positivity rate is around 1%.
  • In Cyprus, the laboratory analysis of swabs from the rapid test for CoViD-19 showed the presence of a carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic substance – ethylene oxide – at a concentration level 36 times higher than the acceptable limit.


  • Mortality in ICUs – in Greece it has reached an unacceptable 70%. There was a clinic (Agrinio) where 100% mortality was reported.
  • Panhellenic Federation of Public Health Workers – complaint about the existence of ICU exclusively for VIP patients!!!!


  • For 18–25-year-olds, an announcement of gift of €150 for anyone who decides to receive them!
  • Indirect coercion and restrictions of basic human rights – Professions, such as teachers, are allowed to go to work with 2 rapid tests a week paid by themselves
  • Summer 2021 – ban on entering indoor public places (bars, restaurants, etc)
  • “Operation Freedom” with ID control for access to almost any private or public place!!!!
  • From 1 September, health workers are obliged to undergo injections – 10,000 health workers suspended without pay – The Council of State decided that compulsory vaccination is not contrary to constitutional provisions
  • Citizens over 60 years old – fined 100 euros every month if they do not take the injection – Mitsotakis: “This is not a punishment, but a tax on health”
  • Margaritis Schinas, the Greek Vice President of the European Commission for the promotion of the European lifestyle: “Europe has already bought injections until 2023” – Pharmaceutical treatments have been approved, but they are not buying them because they want to promote pre-paid injections


  • The chairman of the Hellenic Committee of Experts, Sotiris Tsiodras “There have been recorded as covid19, deaths from other causes, simply because the deceased was positive in a test
  • LIABILITY – By law, members of this and other related committees may not be held liable, prosecuted or investigated for opinions expressed or votes cast in the performance of their duties
  • After the injections, the all-cause mortality of the population increased by 39% in Greece – in Cyprus by 55%
  • Possible causes – the restriction of exercise, people‘s fear of going to hospital, the psychological burden of the house arrest, untreated illnesses after the conversion of many health facilities into Covid-19 clinics, the closure of clinics and the suspension of surgery due to the availability of health workers, and possibly the injections themselves
  • The lack of pharmacovigilance obviously does not help in the investigation of this case. Until recently, neither citizens nor doctors were informed about the procedure for recording side effects via the Yellow Card


  1. strengthened the police and the army by buying cars, weapons, planes and military ships
  2. compensated large companies, such as airlines, for their losses due to the lockdown; and
  3. payed the media 30 million euros to promote state propaganda


  • The Article 191 of the new Penal Code establishes penalties for “anyone who publicly or via the internet disseminates or spreads, in any way, false news that may cause concern or fear among the public or undermine public confidence in the national economy, the country’s ability to defend itself or public health“. Violators “are punishable by imprisonment of three months to five years and fines.”

The speech of the Greek section of the World Freedom Alliance concluded as follows:

It’s barbarism. I see it coming in disguise, under illegal alliances and predetermined enslavements. Perhaps it won’t be Hitler’s gas chambers, but a methodical, almost scientific subjugation of man. For his/her complete humiliation. For his/her disgrace.” Elytis

We are the 99%. We are many and that is our strength. We are free by nature, not by law. We will make the world the way we want it to be and we will not ask anyone for permission.

In their Great Reset and the slogan:

“You will have nothing and you will be happy”

we respond with OUR GREAT RESISTANCE: