The Greek Medical Freedom Alliance team supports and actively participates in the campaign for World Ivermectin Day on July 24th, 2021.

The research documentation through the teams of experts BIRD and FLCCC of the safe and highly effective use of the drug Ivermectin against Covid-19, has been completed beyond any doubt, which is reflected in the latest meta-analysis published very recently in the Journal of American Therapeutics.

We consider it imperative to introduce Ivermectin (as well as other successful treatment regimens) urgently into this virus’s prevention and treatment protocols, as it reduces deaths by a very large percentage, while in early intervention, its effectiveness is almost universal, dramatically reducing hospitalization and patient suffering.

We consider it necessary to inform the public about the treatment, but also about the precautionary protocol, in case of risk of contact with the virus, which solves many problems, which the (experimental with Emergency Use Authorization) vaccine cannot address.

As long as evidence-based treatment for Covid-19 exists beyond any doubt, no mandatory vaccinations can be required, as the emergency state gets to an end.

As a result, we considerably disagree with Greek government’s effort to pass a law for mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports.

So let us celebrate World Ivermectin Day, the same day that rallies are held to restore our Freedom in over 180 cities around the world! Let Ivermectin set us free!

Greek Medical Freedom Alliance
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