Discussion of the World Freedom Alliance Activist Group compered by Nigel Utton


Nigel Utton: In this World Freedom Alliance Activist meeting we’re going to be discussing an article written by one of the activists from Australia, Robert Burrowes, and you can see it on the screen here. It’s on Global Research, which I have subscribed to. I don’t subscribe to many things, but the information in here is so good I thought: yeah, this is a place where I would like to get my information, so just scroll down and you can get a view of the article that Robert has written on here. So, not too long to read. It’s about a half-hour read for me because I looked at the links as well. So when we put out the video we’ll put a link to the article Robert has written. So I’ll hand over to Robert and just ask Robert to talk about how he came to write the article and what it’s about.

Robert Burrowes: Thanks Nigel. Yes, I think the point for me was that from the beginning, like everyone else obviously on this call and no doubt many of the people who will watch the video, I’ve been watching a very profound transformation take place around the world, and clearly it was happening under cover of, you know, the virus vaccine narrative initially. And I guess when the war started, and I’ve been watching the buildup to it over some time, I just knew straight off that there had to be something more going on here. So I just wanted to investigate what had been going on in Russia and Ukraine in the time leading up to the war and, you know, see how that fitted into the bigger picture, if you like. And I think what I say now I want to emphasize is not meant in any way to minimize the cost being paid by ordinary people, many of whom have paid with their lives, and there is also a great deal of suffering going on, and the tragedy of that is not something I want to minimize. But the reality is that the war is being used to obscure the global elite’s deeper agenda, which has been ongoing since the start of the so-called pandemic. And again, without going into any great detail, just to briefly recapitulate that, we know that’s what’s happening globally has been part of a long-standing elite plan and it depends on how you analyze it how far you can go back. But you can do fifty years without even trying. Certainly post World-War II as well. And much further if you really want to investigate some of the deeper strands. And clearly this coup is intended to do two things: really kill off a significant proportion of the population and turn those of us who are left alive into transhuman slaves. It is being conducted by the World Economic Forum and it’s being done under the guise of what’s called “The Great Reset”.
The interesting thing is, if you look at Russia and Ukraine you find that they have been deeply engaged in implementing every aspect of this elite agenda from the beginning. And so just to pick some obvious bits, the vaccine mandates have been implemented in Ukraine and Russia, and that is despite tremendous resistance, particularly in Ukraine, a very strong anti-vax movement that was resisting. Obviously the mandates are being used to override that. They’ve been deploying 5G in both countries, which is important for all the digitalization and other elements of the technological coup. Obviously the progress is being made on a range of measures in relation to the technology including digital ID, and Ukraine, for example, is acknowledged as the world leader, with their Diia app. So Ukraine’s digital application stuff has been as advanced as anyone’s. And of course, just in relation to the central bank’s digital currencies, which is part of the key transformation of the banking system, Russia has been right in the forefront of that, hosting the Cyber Polygon exercises the past two years and will be doing it this year as well. So the point is: we’ve got this “Great Reset” being implemented by the World Economic Forum, on behalf of the global elite, to take over humanity, to take over the earth, all its resources, and that’s going to be done by transforming about 200 areas of human life, which are all identified and explained on the World Economic Forum’s website. It would use 5G and 6G and have implications for military weapons, artificial intelligence, big data, nanotech, biotech, robotics, internet of things, quantum computing and so on. And the essence of these changes is that those who are left alive, and there will be several ways in which a lot of us will be killed off, the vaccines being one, 5G another, food supplies another, which we will touch on more in a minute. The whole point is to subvert human identity, human freedom, human dignity, human volition and human privacy. So again those left alive, basically cyborg slaves to use the sci fi jargon. The digitized identity will be connected to your banking, health, legal, other records, even your internet search records. It will be used to determine the social credit score and that in turn will determine what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do, what you are allowed to buy, what you are not allowed to buy, how far you are allowed to travel from home, and so on. We’ve got a pretty decent version of it happening in China already and it’s been implemented in that country over a longer period of time. It is going to happen everywhere and there’s nothing to suggest that anything happening in Ukraine or Russia was at variance with this overall model. So the problem has become: we’ve got this global agenda being implemented. The virus vaccine narrative was used very effectively to distract most people from paying attention to that. The war in Ukraine, tragically, at great cost to those killed, injured, displaced, made homeless, whatever, this agenda is proceeding and it is being used as a cover. James Corbett had a nice neat way of putting it and he said: “It depends on whether you are looking at the world as 2D or 3D. 2D you see two countries fighting each other, Russia and Ukraine, 3D you are seeing a third dimension, a deeper dimension that is being implemented in the background under cover of what is at the front. And just to pick a detail, if you look at the records you will quickly find that President Putin of Russia and President Zelensky of Ukraine are both very wealthy individuals, very well connected with wealthy oligarchs in their countries and elsewhere, and they are both long standing members of the World Economic Forum. And there are plenty of photos on the internet if you care to search with Vladimir Putin shaking hands with Klaus Schwab, for example, and similarly with Zelensky. Their ties with these elite personnel around the world are extensive and well documented.
So, what has happened unfortunately – because of the war it has just accelerated quite dramatically some of the more adverse impacts of what’s going on globally – and it has particularly contributed to the ongoing destruction of the global supply chains, particularly in relation to food but other critical resources such as fuels and also strategic minerals. So as you would be well aware, the global food supply was already suffering tremendously under all the labour shortages for example that were induced by the lockdowns and it meant that, you know, whether it was farmers, workers in canning factories, the truck drivers, the wharf labourers, the people who stack shelves, these people were not available and so right along that whole food supply chain there have been restrictions, there have been shortages and we are really starting to see the price hikes. There have been other complications around food supply including this bird flu nonsense they run every couple of years and they have been killing off vast quantities of egg-producing hens, and there have been culls of other livestock too because they haven’t got the abattoir workers, for example, to slaughter the stock.
With the war and the sanctions regime that was imposed on Russia, it has exacerbated this crisis tremendously. Russia and Ukraine provide about thirty percent of the global wheat supply and slightly lesser amounts of other critical grains such as corn, but they also provide a vast amount of the global supply of sunflower oil, fertilizers, oil and gas and strategic minerals such as palladium and platinum. The shortage of all those things is obviously something that overlaps and interacts and exacerbates things, depending on which part of the world you end up in, but for example countries particularly in North Africa, Europe, will certainly feel the impact of the decimation of the – well, thirty per cent reduction in, say, wheat supply. And if people watching the video are paying attention I’m sure they are already noticing price hikes, particularly in food and fuel sectors, and shortages. Complicated, I should add, by the fact that there have been poor harvests in the past year. Syria had its lowest wheat harvest for decades. The potato harvest in Russia was low. Separately from that we have had cyberattacks on supply chain logistics corporations, the containers they use to transport food and other commodities on ships has been tangled up again by the Ukraine-Russia war, meaning that it is very hard to – you know, you’ve got the grain in one place and the container in another and you’ve got no way of getting the grain in the container to get it where you want it, so that’s been a huge problem. And most of you have probably been hearing lately about the huge diesel problem, because Russia supplies the second most diesel fuel, which powers most of the trucks in Europe, and so just this cut in the diesel supply, separately from other oil products, is going to be a huge problem which will pick up quickly.
So there are a lot of very well-informed people warning of what’s going to happen this year in relation to food, and the way of course that is going to cascade. People who are hungry tend to become very compliant and it will be much more easy to enforce the technological agenda, to get people to pick it up, you know, as they get hungrier literally. I think the important point to recognize in this is that the crisis will continue to get worse. The war in Russia and Ukraine, which I also hope can end, for the sake of those involved, is just going to be used again as cover, and if we are not able to mobilize sufficient resistance of a strategic nature to resist the technological and economic aspects of this coup, we have a very dim future for humanity, so as always I am going to suggest, or recommend, that half way people will pick up the “We are Human, We are Free” campaign, which has some really key items about the technological elements of the coup that need to be resisted and clearly identifies them for you, and also encourages you to start growing your own food. I can’t emphasize that one enough. The only way we can be really certain we can be eating by the end of this year is if we are growing our own food. And that won’t apply to everyone obviously, but again the safest way we have got of defending humanity is to have us resisting the technological changes, the banking changes, and growing our food. And again I just can’t emphasize enough that the threat is to all of humanity. The intention is to kill off a large number of us, to make those left alive into transhuman slaves so if we are not able to effectively resist this coup, which is ongoing, homo sapiens as we have known it for two hundred thousand years will cease to exist and be replaced really by a much smaller race of cyborgs. Thanks Nigel.

Nigel: Thank you Robert. I think Matia wanted to comment as well, so please come in Matia. Oh, you’re muted at the moment.

Matia: Sorry, I was responding. Sorry, I thought it was a check to see who was able to see the text.

Nigel: I’ll edit this bit then and I’ll come in with a thank you for Robert. Yes, a huge thanks to Robert. If anyone listened to ten minutes of Robert talking, you nail it, you’ve got the whole situation. I was writing notes as you were speaking, from things I knew. And you referred to all of them as you were going through. I was listening to the Corbett Report the other day when he was talking about Putin’s provenance and…there’s this weird think I keep hearing about white hats and black hats and I think it’s a total distraction from what’s going on in the world. I don’t believe there are any white hats and black hats. I think it’s down to us. There aren’t any mystical people off in the background sorting it all out for us, whether it’s Trump or anyone else. Certainly not Trump and Putin. And Putin absolutely well in there with Klaus Schwab. Even when he was deputy mayor of St. Petersburg. But he was a nobody. He wasn’t much more of a politician than I was. And he was a nobody but Klaus Schwab obviously saw something in him and, oh, strange isn’t it? A few years later he becomes the President of Russia. And he is maintained there for many many years. I was talking about it with my lodger, who is Polish. And he showed me this meme, which he was getting me to translate from the Polish, which was quite good fun and it was basically: if you don’t realize the whole world is being manipulated, you are being manipulated. And this is just a game, isn’t it? We’ve got Putin on one side. We’ve then got Zelensky, who is actually an actor. So we’ve got these two guys playing a play. They’re acting a play. And James Corbett does it so well, I think it’s Podcast 416 if I remember rightly where James Corbett is talking about the interplay between what’s going on in Russia and Ukraine and how that interlinks with the rest of the world, and everything that Robert said as well. But there’s another dimension, which is….when Zelensky came to the European Parliament he had a big massive round of applause. He went round all the parliaments in Europe and got a massive round of applause. And commentators are saying: “Nobody has brought Europe so close together, other than Putin. So I wonder, and James Corbett is saying “Well, I wonder if that is what Putin was set up to do.” He was set up to be the bogeyman. He’s got an enormous ego so it’s not going to worry him that everybody hates him in the world and that he’s the bad guy, so he’s been set up to be the bad guy. Have this nice little war over something that’s territory that they’ve been fighting over for probably thousands of years. And it brings Europe together. It makes all these countries that didn’t have anything to do with NATO suddenly turn around and say: “Oh, we want to join NATO as well.” And it’s all heading towards this one-world government, and we’ve then got the WHO in the background saying “Oh, by the way, you’re not capable of running your countries, so we’ll just declare a pandemic everyone now and again like we did with the Corona virus one, and then we’ll take over the whole world.” And all the governments just have to sit there and all their Constitutions go out the window. Constitutional freedoms, electoral freedoms go out the window, and the WHO takes over. And the WHO isn’t elected. We all know that the biggest funder I think still for the WHO is Bill Gates. And when people say to me: “Oh no. Bill Gates is a nice guy,” well, why is he running the WHO? Why is he funding all the vaccines. Why has he been kicked out of India? Why has he been kicked out of bits of Africa? Because he is an evil eugenicist genocidal psychopath.

WH: Are you going to get some more input Nigel? Are we going to get some more inputs because basically you are agreeing 100% with Robert. You know, it’s quite understandable. But I don’t know. Matia, do you want to say something? Or will I say something?

Matia: Why don’t you say what you are thinking, and I can say what I am thinking.

WH: Oh right OK. Well look, firstly I agree with Robert focusing on the issue which he sees as more important and which is more important: the Great Reset and the politics of the Great Reset. As a matter of fact I’m taking my line from Robert in what I am doing locally here because I agree that focusing on the surface, on the subject of the vaccinations so-called, is not getting into the issues. Here in Greece, because a lot of the energy of the movement is put into supporting the health workers that have been kicked out because they won’t get the jab . Now these health workers are not thinking about anything else other than that they were doing a good job and they are being punished for….you know, what was the good job they were doing? It was implementing the official policy. And they ARE being punished for that, and it is a disgrace. But of course if you are going to focus only on that, you are not seeing the whole situation. I agree with Robert on that. You might notice that recently all I have done as far as Robert…..not the only thing I have done, but I have pointed out where Robert is. Because I think it would be very good for Robert to….you know…. I don’t know what he does in his local community but fortunately I feel that there is a potential for me to be able to move ahead, and maybe the next thing I’ll be doing will be that: getting this kind of politics implemented locally in the real world and getting people focused on that. Now as far as what Robert has said: I agree. Get people thinking about the issue and don’t be distracted by the war. I mean I agree that the war does serve this purpose of distracting attention away … in a way that is not in our interest. But I do think that Robert is not being fair towards the different parties. Of course as I have said, I don’t think that fairness is the only thing that matters. I mean I agree that there is not much point in finding a good guy and saying “This is the good guy.” Putin is the good guy and so on, when you cannot control anything about what Putin or the Russians or anyone like that do. All you can do is work with what you can influence yourself, and Robert has that perspective and I agree with it. But on the other hand I think there is a misrepresentation if you don’t look at the factors and if you look at Zelensky and Putin as just being two puppets or something, they’re not. Both of them are people who have got agendas. And they have different agendas. Zelensky was elected and made his reputation, I mean maybe both of them were supported by Schwab in the beginning but that doesn’t explain everything about them. Zelensky was a kind of peace candidate and I think that probably he does want to see an end to this war. He of course is Jewish and he, you know, he wants to see Ukraine becoming more Jewish and the Jewish influence in Ukraine strengthened. Now all right, that’s his agenda. I don’t know what his relations are with the official Zionist movement but he behaves according to that agenda. And he is under threat. I mean the other players in Ukraine are Nazis, and the Nazis have said: “Right, if you don’t do what we want we’ll kill you.” And they made that quite clear. So Zelensky is under threat from the Nazis. That is undisputed and what he does is not just obeying the orders of Schwab. It is avoiding getting killed by the Nazis also.
All right. Now what about Putin. Putin, you know, maybe he did the same thing. He made his career in an opportunistic way. But when he got there the politics that he’s been pursuing are not as rotten as…..well you know I don’t want to judge between whether Zelensky or Putin is…. you know, whether the politics is worse. They are different. The point is that they have different agendas. Now what Putin wants to do is to remove the Nazis. He wants to have a Ukraine that he feels is not a threat to Russia.

Matia: I think that most of us here agree with different aspects of what everyone has said thus far. I think probably we have variations of our viewpoint.. What keeps running through my head and making me crazy is that if we all agree these things are happening – yes “We are human we are free”: I think that’s an excellent campaign. An excellent campaign. I just keep thinking there is some other big movement that could be initiated, because there are so many more of us than there are of them. So it leaves me daily feeling perplexed and frustrated. What can be done? I just keep thinking something bigger can be done by each of us.

WH: Do I respond now? I mean you probably know that I am very much focused on where you live. Because I think that Corfu is a privileged place historically. I mean I have had this view about where I live but for various reasons….I don’t know if we can talk about all this now….this has to do with the figure of Capodistrias and I can’t say all of it now and it is probably inappropriate anyway, but I think I really would like to see the World Freedom Alliance opening a new front in Southern Europe and I think a very good way…. I mean at the moment the World Freedom Alliance is very much Northern-Europe-oriented. I think it would be good for a southern front to be opened. And I think that Corfu would be an excellent place to be able to link up the logic of the World Freedom Alliance with other older initiatives of trying to make European integration into something that at the moment it is most certainly not. I hope that we can have a meeting in Corfu some time in the not-too-distant future and open a new front of the World Freedom Alliance from Corfu.

Matia: Have any of you tried to contact any of the MEPs? Directly?

Nigel: Yes. We have been working with MEPs. And right from the start members of the World Freedom Alliance have had various projects working with MEPs. There has been more or less support from them. There are very few of them who are onside. My personal view is that yes, we need to approach these people but actually they are not the ones that are going to solve it. It needs to be a much bigger movement across the world. And we need to get the information out. But bearing in mind what Professor Desmet said when he talked about Mass Formation Psychosis or the way that the world has been hypnotized, I mean literally hypnotized with masks and this crazy social distancing. I mean those are hypnotic tools that the global elite has used. And other ones for many many years. And Robert used the word “compliance”. The whole thing about wearing masks is about symbolizing your compliance to what’s going on. There’s one chap that comes on regularly to the calls and says “All we need to do is get the information out.” Well, we’ve got the information out but if someone is hypnotized their eyes glaze over. They cannot hear it if we are talking about whatever it is, whether it’s vaccines or the transhuman agenda. People say the transhuman agenda doesn’t exist but the patents are there. You can see them They are in the public domain. They’re not hidden. Anywhere. They are there. You can actually see them. They have applied the patents to transpose us into what Robert describes as human slaves. The patents are there. You can see them. We now have to do more than just get the information out.

WH: Nigel, did you see what David Martin had to say yesterday about the Federal judge, Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, who has outlawed, who has declared unconstitutional, at the Federal level in the United States….

Matia: Yes.

WH: The wearing of masks on aircraft. Did you see that?

Matia: Aircraft and buses and trains. All public transportation.

WH: That’s right. Biden is trying to overturn that now.

Matia: Yes.

WH: He’s been put into reactive mode. This is an interesting development.

Nigel: What Desmet says when he says – because Matia asked the question – how we do anything about this. We have adopted “We are human we are free”‘s eight points, and there are far more on the website as well. Things that people can do. We’re not really inventing the wheel. We’re going along absolutely with the suggestions that “We are human we are free” is making. Desmet says the way you break the hypnotism is to keep telling the truth. You keep telling the truth. We have to keep having these conversations. And say them over and over and over again. So that we take that glaze away from their eyes. And people are beginning to see now the adverse reactions from vaccines, for example. Where I live recently it was heartbreaking. My lodger came home from work. He works in a care home. He came home from work one evening and I said “How are you?” and he was desperate. He said “I cannot get any diesel for my car.” He said “I cannot go to work tomorrow.” He has to drive twenty-five miles to work. He drove all around Norwich. There was no diesel anywhere. He missed a day’s pay. That’s how he is paid, on a daily rate. If he doesn’t go in he doesn’t get paid. But he missed a day’s pay. The reason being that “Extinction Rebellion” – and I think that “Extinction Rebellion” is the biggest controlled opposition in the world – very well-meaning mostly young, think they’re helping the world. But they’re absolutely not. And what they had done is they had blocked the supply chains for fuel in this wonderful protest to help climate change. Because that really really helped the climate to change. I noticed it the very next day because the clouds were all grey. Oh, that was nothing to do with chemtrails, sorry. But they had blocked the supply chain of fuel. So they are playing into the agenda beautifully and I think that everything that is being done preparing us for what Robert was talking about in the beginning – they’ve prepared us for compliance with the masks and the crazy social distancing rules. And the rules don’t make sense, so that’s what Desmet said as well. If you want to hypnotize somebody it has to not make sense. If it’s logical it’s the logical brain that’s working. If it doesn’t make sense it confuses you and so you then become hypnotized. And that’s what they’ve been doing to us. They’ve been programming us ready for when they start digitalization of our currency and then absolute control, like Robert said. We won’t be able to travel. They practised that all around the world, didn’t they? I was in Ireland with Professor Dolores Cahill and we travelled illegally from Northern Ireland down to Southern Ireland, down to Dublin. We were only allowed to travel five miles at the time. We travelled about a hundred and fifty I think. And we were having to look in the mirror constantly: are we being followed by the police because we were only allowed to travel five miles. The only other time I’ve ever experienced that in my life was when I was a student and studying Russian in Moscow back in the eighties and I got on the wrong train. I was going out to visit someone, got on the wrong train and went more than ten kilometres outside Moscow. And the police pounced on this little group of English students and sent us back on the next train because we had gone further than the boundaries we were allowed to do. And that was terrifying. Well, they’re going to introduce that everywhere.
I suppose what we need to think now …We’ve all looked at Robert’s article. I really do encourage everyone who is watching the video to have a read of Robert’s article because he has put very very careful links in so it will take you through to other information so you can deepen your knowledge constantly. And is there anything else that anyone would like to say on this subject before we close today? It looks like that’s probably the end. Well, thank you for a wide-ranging and very informative debate. Enjoy reading Robert’s article and I very much look forward to our next video.