WFA Greece supports the Cash Friday initiative – proposed by the member of the World Freedom Alliance, Catherine Austin Fitts* – and calls all citizens, every Friday, to use only cash in their financial transactions!

At WFA we believe that technology can set humanity free. However, it can become the perfect manipulation tool for the benefit of the few, and we are watching this developing gradually in front of of us.

The “digital upgrade”, under the pretext of the health crisis, promises to save us. Bank cards, the employee card, the green digital passport, etc., are introduced into our lives and will be integrated into a unique digital instrument, with all the details of its owner, even his/her political beliefs. The goal is to establish deceptive control and compliance through digital intervention in order to access anything, if the content does not comply with what every authority-employee of oligopolistic interests, determines and requires.

We say no to the new invisible digital prison they are setting up. Before they bring us to a dead end with their plans, let’s effectively defend ourselves by protecting the independence of our choices and the Freedom of all of us.

Just a 10%  citizens’ response to this call, is enough to deliver the message of the free-thinking citizens.

Join us to spread the hashtag #CashFriday on Twitter and everywhere !!!

So, every Friday only cash!!!

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