Presented as a safety and security measure, in essence it is the introduction of a real “apartheid” based on medical and health criteria, which will effectively divide society into A and Z class citizens. The aim is to introduce vaccination passports everywhere. It is the world’s first digital identification system in a common format, globally interoperable, with a modifiable health marker (vaccinated S or N). This system only needs 50%+ of the adult population to start, because of its enormous coercive power over the unvaccinated.
If they succeed, there will be no point to refuse, they will move on, leaving that minority who refuse to vaccinate behind. As in Israel and Cyprus, we will be forced to present a valid Green Certificate in order to travel, access facilities and use essential services. Without a Green Certificate, all the unvaccinated, those without a test or who have not had a Covid, will essentially be excluded from society.
A Green Certificate system like this will give those who control the database and its algorithms total control over all of us. The only way to stop this usurpation of our fundamental rights and freedoms is to consciously exercise our right to self-determination and to protect our own health by refusing to be vaccinated, given that there are alternative treatments that have been proven to be effective in treating the Covid-19 virus (even though the authorities are doing their best to deny and silence this) and that vaccines are in the experimental phase and there are numerous cases of serious and even fatal adverse reactions.
We must not allow this system to be set in motion, because afterwards it will be unstoppable. If ‘Power’ gains this absolute control, we will lose our most fundamental rights and freedoms.
Through this initiative we want to exert constructive pressure on national parliamentarians and MEPs to make them aware of the seriousness of this usurpation operation and induce them to change their vote and prevent the introduction of the so-called Green Certificate from being approved. There are many of us and, by joining together through systematic and coordinated action, we can make our voices heard and demand that our demands be met. We must demand in the firmest possible terms the removal of the Green Certificate from the national laws in the process of conversion.
To take part in this initiative, these are the actions to be undertaken :
1. Send a daily e-mail to the members of the national parliament (MNP) you want to “adopt”.
Starting today, send an e-mail to the address of the MNPs expressing disagreement with the introduction of the Green Certificate. It is recommended that each person sends the email to each chosen MEP (from 1 to as many as you like). Here is a suggested email content, which you can also modify as you wish, preferably keeping a constructive tone. This activity should not take you more than 10-15 minutes per day (if you choose 10-15). Contact us for more email proposals in case you want to continue emailing the parliamentarians.
Filter the list of MPs’ files by alphabetical letter. Click on WRITE. A window will open where you have to specify the subject of the email (NO to Green Certificate), your email address and write your message. After sending you must verify your email as you will receive an email from the chamber which you must confirm. Without this confirmation the MEP will not receive your message.
(choose your own country and you will get the list of your MEPs)
Select the profile of the MEPs you wish to “adopt”. Click on the letter to see the MEP’s email address and send the message from your email.
2.  Interact through the use of the various social networks every day with the MNPs and MEPs you “adopted” in step 1. You can post the sentences of your preference (always using the assigned hashtag #NOcovidpass). As far as MNPs are concerned, you will have to search for their Twitter and FB accounts directly on these social networks. As for MEPs, both their Twitter and FB accounts (for those who have them) are included in their personal profile on the indicated website. Below are two examples of tweets that can be used both on Twitter and on other social networks over the next days. Here they are:
Tweet #1 (copy/paste the text below into a Tweet)
The COVID-19 green certificate is a disproportionate, inefficient and unfair limitation to the free movement of citizens. The proposed law is neither scientifically nor legally acceptable.
Tweet #2 (copy/paste the text below into a Tweet)
🛑 Violates freedom of movement
✋ Discriminates against those who cannot or do not want to be tested or vaccinated
👎 Does not guarantee the protection of privacy
 Important to always use the hashtag #NOcovidpass
Once a person posts the original tweet on their Twitter or Facebook profile, other members/affiliates/followers can “Retweet” the tweets and using the “Quote tweet” you can create a new tweet that “quotes” the original tweet. On your new tweet you can add additional information that you consider relevant. Always remember to tweet MEPs (@matteosalvinimi etc.)
3. Call MEPs in addition to the social media campaign, it is urgent to reach MEPs, asking them to vote against the Green Digital Certificate (GDC) after negotiations with the Council and European Commission (ongoing). We should identify MEPs who do not agree with the Green Certificate COVID-19, and ask them to influence other MEPs in this direction. As far as MEPs are concerned, their phone numbers are available on their EUP profiles and you can call them. The request addressed to them is to vote against the Digital Green Certificate after the negotiations with the Council and the European Commission (ongoing).
The phone call might look like this:
“Dear xxxx, I am a citizen and/or voter of your political party, who is deeply concerned about the proposed EU Green Digital Certificate. We ask you to vote against the Green Digital Certificate because it violates the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens and represents a tool of serious discrimination.”
We are confident that the combination of these three actions can have a decisive impact on stopping the introduction of the COVID-19 Green Certificate.
We thank you for your contribution and support for this extremely important initiative for our future and the future of our children.
Proposed regulation Green Digital Certificate:
(Digital Green Certificate – Text adopted by European Parliament on 29 April 2021 – Amendments adopted by the European Parliament on 29 April 2021 on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on a framework for the issuance, verification and acceptance of interoperable certificates on vaccination, testing and recovery to facilitate free movement during the COVID-19 pandemic (Digital Green Certificate)