Only a massive joint intervention will make strongly evident our opposition to the dystopia that is being established

The European Union is continuing its accelerating course of suppressing the freedoms and rights of its citizens in the context of digital control, in the service of a global dictatorship.

Having already approved the extension of the European Digital COVID Certificate Regulation, it hypocritically invites citizens “to give their opinion” on the approved act, invoking the euphemistically democratic procedure, “Have your say”.

It is a process that applies to all the regulations that have been approved, and participating in it simply legitimizes a process of decision making “for our own good”, by people who were not elected by anyone.

We will not participate in the legitimisation of this “democracy” and digital dictatorship by proposing changes to something that is scientifically and socially unacceptable.

But we call on citizens to take advantage of this opportunity, massively demanding the cessation of the extension of the European Digital COVID Certificate and its abolition.

We suggest the following message :

We demand the cessation of this process of extending the European Digital COVID Certificate and its abolition.

We call on the European Parliament to proceed, without delay, to set up a PARLIAMENTARIAN INVESTIGATIVE COMMITTEE TO EXAMINE THE MANAGEMENT OF THE COVID CRISIS BY THE PUBLIC AUTHORITIES and to assess the appropriateness, legality and proportionality of the measures taken, as indicated in the petition “COVID-19 – Fundamental Freedoms and Rights of Citizens of the European Union”. It has been submitted to the European Parliament by a number of countries (, 1399/2020, 1401/2020, 1438/2020, 1469/2020, 1501/2020, 0046/2021, 0038/2021, 0152/2021) “

The process to have your say on the extension of the Extension of EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation, is the following:

  • First register at the link below:

  • Then select the link below (you can choose your text language):

  • Select “Send comments” and fill in your message.

The submission of comments is open until 08 April 2022.

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