The private prosecution of the Premier and the CEO of the state of Victoria (INC) has today (3rd November 2021) been ‘filed and served’ at the electorate office of Dan Andrews at Noble Park at 2pm.

This completes the legal process to activate the criminal action against the defendant for the crimes of concealing the unlawful removal of the constitutional monarch, without a national referendum (S128 Constitutional Act)

Dan Andrews is scheduled to appear in court on the 17th December 2021.

Police and fire services have been at this office the whole afternoon today, the office is now boarded and sealed to the public.

The Criminal charge – Misprison of Treason

If he fails to appear, the magistrate must apply bail conditions against the defendant, until he appears in a court house, to defend the charges of Treason.

NB: A sitting politician CAN NOT remain in Parliament whilst defending a criminal charge.