Ian Brighthope says we could be out of the so-called crisis in 6 weeks. Our Premiers could give press conferences on the importance of vitamin D, C and Zinc, along with how to make healthy lifestyle choices that strengthen our immune system. Lack of these vitamins can result in depression, stress and an overall weaker immune system.

Please share this information with any friends or family, tell them there is hope and preventative measures they can take to protect themselves. If we can help reduce fear within our communities, it would be a great service to humanity.

Please also share it with your local MPs.
You can contact them here – https://www.reignitedemocracyaustralia.com.au/federal-mp-lookup/

Thank you Professor Brighthope and thank you to all the Doctors standing up.
Check out the Covid Medical Network, a group of Aussie Doctors standing up for our health …