18 01, 2022

Chemoprophylaxis against COVID-19 among health-care workers using Ivermectin in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review and meta-analysis

January 18, 2022|Ivermectin, Vax Damage|


Coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) is a novel viral infectious disease that the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced to be a pandemic. This meta-analysis was aimed at providing evidence for the use of ivermectin to prevent COVID-19 among hospital workers in low-resource countries.

Medical databases […]

18 01, 2022

First time detection of the vaccine spike protein in a person who died after vaccination against Covid-19.

January 18, 2022|Doctors, Research, Vax Damage|

The suspicion that the spike protein formed in the body as a result of the “vaccination” against Covid-19 could be responsible for the pathologically observed inflammations and lesions of vessels has now been confirmed immunohistologically for the first time.

The pathologists Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt and Prof. Dr. Walter Lang and their team […]