New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern talked about globally controlling misinformation and disinformation, but didn’t specifically mention COVID or vaccines.

The people from New Zealand think surgical masks work against the virus!! Based on the Prime Minister’s speech, it appears they want to censor all the people pointing out the science doesn’t support that. Watch starting at 9:49.
The representatives from the United States at the same meeting aren’t wearing masks.

Check out this article:

The problem she alludes to is that she believes that you cannot win an argument based on words alone. Governments must censor the speech of people who disagree to win your argument.

She calls for censorship of dissenting views on a global scale.

Her point is that governments cannot make progress on major issues such as climate change unless the public is prevented from hearing opposing views.

The comments on her speech in the YouTube video were not supportive of her point of view.

Will she argue next that any member of the UN who disagrees with her should not be allowed to speak at the UN meetings?

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