Sky News Australiareports (Jan 20

The “notion” of outgoing New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern’s kindness is “completely ridiculous” to anyone who has an understanding of “what she did” regarding the country’s pandemic border policies, lawyer Tudor Clee says.

“We have to remember the border was open if you were wealthy, or if you were an entertainer or a sportsperson,” he told Sky News host Rita Panahi.

“When I was fighting pregnancy cases pro-bono for 35 families to come back, Jacinda Ardern’s policy allowed 64 foreign DJ’s to fly into New Zealand to make millions of dollars out of us while simultaneously forcing these women into incredibly stressful and difficult situations.”

Jacinda Ardern lost numerous human rights and pregnancy cases at the high court. Her border policy was ruled unlawful for stopping New Zealanders coming back against their bill of rights.

The border remained open if you were wealthy, an entertainer or a sports person. Her own watchdog ruled conduct of her staff/policies was dishonourable and she should apologise. She said she would not.

Her legacy will be one of cruelty.

The notion of kindness is completely ridiculous to anyone who has an understanding of what she did.

She was told this is something she could not come back from.

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