In Australia, the government body that licenses all medical products, including medications and medical devices, is the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). This is what they state on their home page:

“We are Australia’s government authority responsible for evaluating, assessing and monitoring products that are defined as therapeutic goods. We regulate medicines, medical devices and biologicals to help Australians stay healthy and safe.”

They are meant to be the watchdog––the overseer of all things approved for medical treatment. That even includes chiropractic instrumentation that is used for assessing the human body. Other products such as vitamins and even sunscreens must be approved by the TGA. It is a government body that wields an immense amount of power. Obviously, we need some control over what is disseminated in the name of health. However, this body, like other government bodies, has the potential for abuse of power.

Before Covid, most people didn’t give much attention to the TGA. I did have some contact with them relating to a chiropractic instrument some years ago. The TGA, since 2020, appears to have a high profile. We all remember last year when the TGA banned Ivermectin as a treatment for Covid. This was even though it had an impeccable safety record. Its discoverer won a Nobel Prize, and Ivermectin was classified as legal to be used off-label. This meant that a doctor could use it for other purposes than its original purpose––the treatment of River Blindness and other parasitic ailments. For the TGA, nothing is allowed except the vaccines.

I believe the TGA had demeaned itself enormously in the past two years when it approved the Covid-19 shots. We know that they are ineffective and that the safety record is dreadful.

The TGA set up a reporting system, the DAENS, for reporting adverse events. Why would they set this up if not to monitor the safety of medical products, of which all vaccines are a subset? 

Meanwhile, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that from Jan 1 to June 30, 2022, there were 92,699 deaths. Of these, 5,292 were Covid related deaths. During this same period, there has been a dramatic increase of 17% in excess deaths. Covid cannot account for all those excess deaths since Covid is on the wane.

Why has the TGA ignored its own system to approve the Covid shots damaging many people? Most dangerous is that they are now approved for kids 6 months to age 5.

From the TGA’s own site, we now have 135,764 adverse events reported for the Covid-19 “vaccines” since January 2021, with 934 deaths.

What is really annoying is that on the same site, there have been 10 deaths of children reported after the Covid-19 shots. Has this been reported anywhere? Has the TGA alerted doctors to suspend the jabs? No, not one word.

In addition to deaths, there is a ticking time bomb regarding heart issues.

The Australian Covid Medical Network searched on the TGA’s Adverse Events site and found that 253 children had elevated levels of Troponin. This compares with just 22 reports for all other medicines in the past 51 years!

What is Troponin? It is a protein found in muscle tissue and when there is damage, such as in the heart, excessive amounts of the protein are released in the bloodstream. Elevated troponin levels indicate a heart attack or damage such as myocarditis. So children are innocents victims of these potentially deadly shots, as reported on the TGA’s own site. What do we hear? Crickets.

There are only two choices:

Either the people at the TGA are so incompetent that they can’t read or assess basic facts,


They purposefully and knowingly push the Covid injections into anyone and everyone, and they just don’t give a damn. They are like a cult hell-bent on their agenda. Rather than acting as a safety body to protect our health, they have shown their true colours, a danger to our health.

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