The Nobel prize recipient Luc Montagnier claims people who have received the mRNA jabs will all die within a few years due to a damaged immune system. Dr. Erik Enby from Sweden opposes that notion. Dr. Enby who has a microbial perspective says if the body can cope with the onslaught of microbes the person will survive.

Dr. Enby explains his viewpoint in a mail to the documentary producer Borje Peratt:

“Using an interference contrast microscope, I examined a Covid-19 vaccine a few weeks ago and was able to detect that there were myriads of similar microbiological entities in it.”

For almost 50 years, I have been looking at the unknown particle growth in body fluids and tissues from the chronically ill.

I would like to claim here that I am absolutely certain that I have rediscovered this and even if colleagues etc. do not have a clue about the matter, this relationship should be known at some level among the pharmaceutical industries.

I have even on a few occasions done microscopical examinations of capillary blood taken from newborns with developmental disabilities. Seeing how it literally ferments in their bodies is truly a thriller. Similarly, it is with Down syndrome. One wonders whether such bodies may be exposed to some form of fermentation in the womb.

Knowledge of this makes one wonder if it is appropriate to vaccinate pregnant women and children with covid vaccines… ”