Advancing the weaponization of ‘conspiracy theorists’ through the manufacturing of NPC’s

Unless you are exclusively following liberal media outlets, since 2021 you’ve seen a constant stream of “died suddenly” cases among the endless cycle of studies and data showing the various dangers of the MRNA bioweapon being marketed as a vaccine. The relentless medical tyranny through mandated masking, lockdowns, and closing schools and churches, was such a sudden and overhwelming show of force, that it spawned a whole new generation of “conspiracy theorists”. But this also spawned a new type of NPC, who simultaneously helps fuel the opposition of conspiracy theorists while feeding off their dissent.

Author Jovan Byford states in his book Conspiracy Theories: A Critical Introduction, that “conspiracy theory is not a neutral label used merely to describe a certain type of explanation. It is an evaluative term with significant pejorative connotations. To allude to an account as a ‘conspiracy theory’ is to make a judgment about its epistemic status; it is a way of branding an explanation untrue or insinuating that it is based on insufficient evidence, superstition or prejudice.”1

The way I see it, there are 2 types of conspiracy theorists, which for the purpose of this article, I will refer to as ‘truthers’, in order not to obscure the point. The first kind of truther is someone who, to some degree, had been skeptical and critical of the ruling authority prior to 2020. Then you have those who really had no inclination towards the conspiratorial and were for the most part normies, who became truthers because of the blatant confrontational nature of the events that took place.

The first group generally has a more discerning approach to the conspiracy theories they adopt. They have been around the block before, so they know what symbols and patterns to look for as a way to measure or verify certain truths. Their first conspiracy redpill was likely 9/11 or the JFK assassination. This group of truthers saw right through the plandemic from the beginning and were continually vindicated throughout, thus emboldening them.

Then you have the 2nd group who became truthers more recently. They generally fall into two subgroups. First there is the Facebook boomercon type who knowingly or unknowingly is following Q theories (a psyop in itself to discredit legitimate conspiracies) and are way more susceptible to believe literally any schizo conspiracy theory you tell them. Similar to the NPC’s, they’ll spread actual misinformation, whether it’s a satirical article or someone else’s retarded made up theory. This is both hilarious and useful because it just creates chaos and pushes the platforms’ censorship boundaries. They also are useful idiots to the NPC’s as they are framed as your typical conspiratard, a type of NPC themselves, making the higher IQ truthers who hold to legitimate conspiracies as being of the same group.

The second subgroup is newly redpilled mostly from noticing the blatant gaslighting attempts by the establishment for having vaccine hesitancy, or just from realizing the mandates were oppressive. Regardless, this subgroup was violently awoken during the events of 2020 and have grown stronger in both their opposition and noticing abilities very quickly, also due to being vindicated by the globohomos continually showing their hand in an extremely obvious manner. I believe this is similar to the experience that former KGB defector Yuri Bezemenov was referring to when he said that only a fraction of an ideologically subverted population would finally snap out of their delusion only once the communist boot was on their neck.

The plandemic was an unprecedented type of psyop that was quite literally right in our faces. The masking served multiple purposes in gaining the support of the fearful and compliant population, who played a critical role in voluntarily putting pressure on those who were less willing to obey orders. Thus, a new breed of NPC was spawned, their covered faces erased the identity and expressions of this compliant class, making them anonymous and thus empowering them to confront and harass the disobedient strangers by pressuring them to comply. The mask served as both a Covidian uniform for NPC’s to police the non-compliant and a humiliation device, by inflicting the psychological trauma that came with the identity erasure from wearing it.

Knowing how fearful a complete stranger is just by taking a brief glance at them as they drive alone in their car, fully masked, is something that always stood out to me throughout the whole humiliation ritual. Many from the aforementioned subgroup of truthers started noticing extreme behavior like this, which played a big part in waking them up. But it didn’t take much for the average critical thinker to notice that something as obvious as a KGB style secret police in this version of world communism would not be necessary. This time, it was the completely psyopped citizens who would voluntarily attempt to MK Ultra the rest of the population on behalf of the world leaders.

The best weapon that the establishment could use was one that has been in their arsenal since the 1960’s. The CIA popularized the term “conspiracy theory” to discredit critics of the Warren Commission by making them targets of public ridicule.2 In his 2013 book Conspiracy Theory in America, political scientist Lance deHaven-Smith wrote that the term entered everyday language in the United States after 1964, the year in which the Warren Commission published its findings on the Kennedy assassination, with The New York Times running five stories that year using the term.3

In his book on the Skull and Bones titled America’s Secret Establishment, British economist Antony Sutton writes:

“There is an Establishment history, an official history, which dominates history textbooks, trade publishing, the media and library shelves. The official line always assumes that events such as wars, revolutions, scandals, assassinations, are more or less random unconnected events. By definition events can NEVER be the result of a conspiracy, they can never result from premeditated planned group action. An excellent example is the Kennedy assassination when, within 9 hours of the Dallas tragedy, TV networks announced the shooting was NOT a conspiracy, regardless of the fact that a negative proposition can never be proven, and that the investigation had barely begun. Woe betide any book or author that falls outside the official guidelines. Foundation support is not there. Publishers get cold feet. Distribution is hit and miss, or non-existent.”4

Thus, the weaponization of the conspiracy theorist title by the establishment is a classic divide and conquer tactic which serves three purposes:

  1. The mass humiliation of those whom the title is cast upon.
  2. The creation of a new, dangerous enemy to those who accept the establishment narrative, to which the label of domestic terrorist can be applied.
  3. Validation of the official narrative as a result of a manufactured public perception of the contrary being absurd.

The official narrative is, in itself, a state approved coincidence theory that is often not so well crafted by the establishment. The key to maintaining credibility with the establishment manufactured narrative, is to base it partially on truth, but to also exclude any information that is contrary to their narrative due to lack of evidence. “For example, the 9/11 Commission report that states that nobody heard explosions in the World Trade Center, ignoring the testimony of dozens of witnesses such as the late Barry Jennings.”5

Another important role that this new class of NPC has taken on is being fact checking sycophants to confirm the establishment narrative and debunk any dissenting information. “Fact checking” itself is one of the many Orwellian newspeak buzzwords which is purposely manufactured for psychological warfare. Other buzzwords that became part of the new NPC language include “trust the science”, “safe and effective”, “science denier”, “disinformation”, “normalization” and “flatten the curve”, just to name a few. Speaking of flattening the curve, one powerful social engineering tactic that the establishment has been using, is to liken truthers to the most socially ridiculed group of conspiracy theorists, flat earthers. This has been an extremely successful tactic that NPC’s and normies alike have been conditioned to apply to any individual who expresses dissent against the official state sponsored narrative.

In 2017, NBA superstar Kyrie Irving said on a podcast that he believed the earth is flat. As backlash ensued, he began to take a softer stance in other interviews, saying he was joking, or that he wasn’t sure what shape the earth is and encouraged people to do their own research. This led in a spike in Google searches for flat earth which surpassed searches for then president Donald Trump, resulting in a complete panic by the establishment and a mass censorship campaing of all flat earth related content on all major tech platforms. The mass public ridicule that Irving faced for simply questioning the shape of the earth was so tremendous that he was forced to make several public apologies, including a humiliating appearance on Jimmy Kimmel where he was made to retract his statement that the earth was flat and handed a basketball painted like a globe. It wouldn’t be the last time Irving experienced full blown panic from the establishment and similar backlash was seen years later as various athletes and personalities showed similar public dissent against the vaccines.

Thus, leveraging the charge of flat earther to discredit any dissent against the establishment narrative became a new form of the original CIA weaponization of the term conspiracy theory. Being called a conspiracy theorist simply doesn’t have the same negative social implications as it once did, especially since so many of the popular conspiracy theories have been validated by intelligence agencies themselves through the declassifying of official documents. So a new version of this term is required for an added layer of humiliation. This is where the flat earther comparison comes into play, it is a cheap but very effective emotional manipulation tactic to discredit criticism of the mainstream narrative as pure absurdity to the degree that it shouldn’t even be entertained.

Even the accusation of being a “science denier” was just a less effective attempt at establishing a negative public perception of the truthers. The reason this attempt backfired was because it once again vindicated the truthers by recognizing that the world communists had established a dogmatic scientism which serves as the religion of the New World Order and had nothing to do with the sciences. However, although the charge of “science denier” is still applied, the grouping of dangerous conspiracy theorists as flat earthers is much more effective as it circumvents the public debate over what constitutes science, which is damaging to the official narrative.

Whether it’s the classic charge of conspiracy theorist, or the new variation of science denier or flat earther, the entire purpose of the mass mind control operation through the weaponization of conspiracy language has always been the same: to control information and its consumption through censorship and propaganda. In this new paradigm, it’s the new breed of NPC “fact checkers” and debunkers who were socially conditioned to act as voluntary foot soldiers ushering in the New World Order through mass participation in MK Ultra mind control.

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