Chaos reigned as memes, claims of sabotage and conspiracy theories disrupted a court case where Victoria’s premier was accused of treason.

Nearly 1000 people tuned into the online hearing held at the Myrtleford Magistrates Court while others gathered outside the building on Friday morning.

Daniel Andrews was accused of treason in the private prosecution by Anthony Herman, who briefly appeared on the link.

For more than half an hour people joined the link to the court case with many complaining about the sound as people were added to the link.

Attendees swore, accused the government of “sabotage”, shouted conspiracy theories and questioned if the premier was present.

But before the link cut out about 10.30am the matter was struck out.

“To advise everyone the matter of Andrews has now been finalised,” court staff wrote in the chat for the hearing before the link was terminated.

It was struck out because the “charge issued not served”.

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