13 12, 2021

$41 M Tax relief for Oz Media

December 13, 2021|Australia, Censorship, Economics, Finance, Politics|

The Government has announced a package of measures to help sustain Australian media businesses as they do their vital work of keeping the community informed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tax relief

Commercial television and radio broadcasters will receive a 100% rebate on their Commercial Broadcasting Tax for 12 months.

The rebate will provide the commercial broadcasting sector with $41 million […]

30 11, 2021

Charging the dead and other fines add up to $113m for Westpac

November 30, 2021|Australia, Corruption, Economics|

Westpac will get cracking on its remediation plans after settling six of seven continuing investigations by the corporate regulator, agreeing to pay fines totalling $113 million on Tuesday.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission launched unprecedented multiple legal cases against the bank alleging “widespread compliance failures” across several of its businesses, for which the bank […]

18 08, 2021

The damage done and yet to come

August 18, 2021|Australia, Economics|

Cooped up in quarantine, contributor Marc Hendrickx put on his actuary’s hat to consider Australia’s on-again/off-again lockdowns and their cost. He writes:

If we use Sweden, a country that instituted minimal restrictions in response to the pandemic as a base line, then on a population basis, if Australia had instituted […]

18 08, 2021

Economics Professor pushes back against lockdowns

August 18, 2021|Australia, Economics, Stories|

An economics professor is arguing the effects of lockdown cannot be ignored as the pandemic rages on.

Professor Gigi Foster told Ben Fordham people are dying from other illnesses and are feeling the mental impact of lockdowns.

“It has become extremely unacceptable, socially, to focus on something other […]

13 08, 2021

‘Fear and confusion’: SPC hits out after becoming first business to mandate vaccine

August 13, 2021|Australia, Economics, Human Rights|

Food manufacturer SPC has accused the worker’s union for trying to create “fear and confusion” after proposing to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for its workers.

The company earlier said it would require staff to be fully vaccinated by the end of November to gain entry to any company location.

It cited “the health and well-being of all […]