Bill Maher in his latest installment of ‘Real Time’ absolutely nails the threat that ‘Woke revolutionaries’ pose to America.

“Finally, new rule,” Maher said. “If you’re part of today’s Woke revolution, you need to study the part of revolutions where they spin out of control. Because the revolutionaries get so drunk on their own purifying elixir, they imagine they can reinvent the very nature of human beings.”

“Communists thought selfishness could be cast out of human nature,” he continued. “Russian revolutionaries spoke of ‘the new Soviet man’ who wasn’t motivated by self-interest, but instead wanted to be part of a collective. No, it turns out he wanted to be on a yacht in a Gucci tracksuit holding a vodka and a prostitute not standing in line all day for a potato.”

“The problem with communism and with some very recent ideologies here at home is that they think you can change reality by screaming at it,” he went on. “That you can bend human nature by holding your breath. But that’s the difference between reality and your mommy.”

“Lincoln once said that you can repeal all past history, but you still cannot repeal human nature,” he added. “But he’s canceled now, so fuck him.”

“Yes. I asked Chat GPT: Are there any similarities between today’s woke revolution and Chairman Mao’s cultural revolution of the 1960s?” he asked. “And it wrote back: ‘How long do you have?’”

“Because, again, in China we saw how a revolutionary thought he could do a page one rewrite of humans,” Maher continued. “Mao ordered his citizens to throw off the ‘four olds’ — old thinking, old culture, old customs, and old habits. So, your whole life went in the garbage overnight, no biggie. And those who resisted were attacked by an army of ‘purifiers’ called the Red Guard who went around the country putting dunce caps on people. Yeah. Who didn’t take to being a new kind of mortal being,. A lot of pointing and shaming went on.”

“Oh, and about a million dead,” he added. “And the only way to survive was to plead insanity for the crime of being insufficiently radical. Then apologize and thank the state for the chance to see what a piece of shit you are. And of course, submit to reeducation or as we call it here in America, freshman orientation.”

“Listen to this story,” he went on. “There’s a law professor at the University of Illinois Chicago named Jason Kilborn, whose crime was that on one of his exams, he used a hypothetical case or a black female worker sued her employer for race and discrimination alleging that managers had called her two slur words — the type of real world case these students might one day confront and knowing the extreme sensitivity of today’s students. He didn’t write the two taboo words on the test, just the first letter of each. He was teaching his students how to fight racism in the place where it matters most: the criminal justice system. But because he merely alluded to those words, again, in the service of a good cause, he was banned from campus, placed on indefinite leave and made to wear the ‘dunce cap.’

“No, not really the dunce cap part, but our American version of that — eight weeks of sensitivity training, weekly 90 minute sessions with a diversity trainer, and having to write five self-reflection papers,” he continued. “A grown ass man, a liberal law professor. If you can’t see the similarities between that and this, the person need needs reeducation is you.”

“Yes, we, we do have our own Red Guard here, but they do their rampaging on Twitter,” he said. “Here’s a cute example from a couple of years ago, the banjo player from Mumford and Sons tweeted that he liked a book, a book that apparently had not been approved by the revolution. So of course he had to delete the tweet, then take time away from the band. Oh my God, you mean this could have affected Mumford and Sons?”

“And then, the cringing apology,” Maher said. “‘I have come to better understand the pain caused by the book I endorsed.’ Pain? From a book? Unless he hit the drummer over the head with it…”

“What happened to, ‘I can read whatever the fuck I want’?” Maher said. “Yeah, don’t worry, I’m a musician. It won’t happen again.”

“There was once a very different musician named John Lennon who wrote a song called Revolution and people who didn’t really listen to it thought it was a ‘rah rah’ call for revolution,” he continued. “No, it was the opposite. The lyrics are, ‘You say you want a revolution? Well, you know, we all want to change the world, but if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain’t gonna make it with anybody anyhow.’ There’s a guy who understood how good intentions can turn into the insane arrogance of thinking, ‘your revolution is so fucking awesome and your generation is so mind bendingly improved that you have bequeathed the world with a new kind of human. You’re welcome.”

“With communists, that human was no longer selfish,” he said. “In America today, that human is no longer born male or female. And obesity is not something that affects health. You can be healthy at any size. Really. We voted on it.”

“A formerly serious magazine last year, published with a straight face, an article called ‘Separating Sports by Sex Doesn’t Make Sense.’ Yes, it does,” Marher said. “Because, again, we haven’t reinvented Homo Sapien since Crystal Pepsi came out.”

“I’ve spent three decades on TV mocking Republicans who said climate change was just a theory and now I gotta deal with people who say, you know what else is just a theory biology,” he quipped.

Well, Climate Change isn’t a theory, but Manmade Climate Change is one. That’s because Climate Changes and has since the beginning of the earth. It’s supreme arrogance to believe that mankind is about to ‘end the world’ with modern civilization unless it turns over power to the same Woke revolutionaries that Maher decries.

After all, one percent of the humans are dying today from natural disasters than they did a hundred years ago. 99.9% of humanity survived Covid, but that was another pretext for Woke revolutionaries to seize more power. Communism comes in many guises and its cult followers seize on any pretext to institute their totalitarian rule.

Maher’s monologue is an excellent reminder of that, even if he doesn’t hammer all the particulars. It needs to be seen by every American to really grasp what they are now up against.

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