November 2022

What’s causing a 67% reduction in Australian birth rates?

By |November 23, 2022|Categories: Australia, Children, Fatality, Fertility, Misinformed Media, Pharma, Politics, Pregnancy, Psychology, Vax Damage| Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures show a shocking 67% reduction in the monthly birth rates from between July and December 2021. The Government claims I’ve got my facts wrong but the data is published on the ABS website for all to see. Guess what significant event lines up with roughly nine months prior [...]

Dozens of court docs relating to eight of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s associates – including billionaire hotel magnate – will be UNSEALED after judge rules public interest outweighs right to privacy

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The compensation fund was proposed by Epstein's estate in late 2019 after dozens of women filed civil lawsuits following the billionaire financier's death Judge Loretta Preska on Friday ordered dozens of documents related to Jeffrey Epstein's associates to be unsealed   The bombshell papers are part of a defamation case that victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre brought [...]

Myocarditis in kids under 18 cases up by over 100X in Canada

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Large Canadian hospital: before COVID, they'd see 2 cases per year. Now they see 27 in just 6 weeks. That's a 117X increase. But the CDC says it's only "slightly elevated." The IWK Health Centre is a major pediatric hospital and trauma center in Halifax, Nova Scotia that provides care to maritime youth, children and [...]

California Parents Outraged Over Elementary School’s New After School Satan Club

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After school “Satan Clubs” are popping up all over the United States and parents are fighting back. This time, parents in Bakersfield, California are expressing outrage after the Satanic Temple set up shop in Tehachapi’s Golden Hills Elementary School. “The “After School Satan Club” will begin monthly meetings in December. Paul Hicks, the leader of [...]

Mothers being forced to agree to shared parenting or lose their child

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Mothers are being blackmailed into shared parenting in the Family Court ‘Magellan List’ My name is Maurice Kriss and I am the President of the National Child Protection Alliance of Australia. (NCPA) The National Child protection Alliance is a registered charity and nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of Children and Young people from abuse [...]

Rachel de Souza: ‘We’ll look back in 20 years and be horrified by what our children were exposed to’

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The Children’s Commissioner for England believes that the world of social media is twisting young minds – and we need to act fast Rachel de Souza: ‘I think parents should be absolutely demanding that these tech companies clear up the space’ CREDIT: Andrew Crowley It’s not every day that Dame Rachel de Souza is shocked by [...]