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8 04, 2021


April 8, 2021|News|0 Comments

The european vaccination certificate which is about to be introduced must be prevented.

The effectiveness and protective time span of the Corona vaccines is not yet assured. Additionally, there are issues with ethic aspects and privacy. Now, even the WHO states that it rejects this idea.

Highest ethical value have the rights to the integrity of the person and to equality between people, […]

6 04, 2021

Educational ZOOM session – April 7th 20:30CET

April 6, 2021|News|25 Comments

It is the power of people who stand up that will change the situation we are in. You have more power and rights than you know and now is the time to use them. In these times of separation, we should look to reconnect at every opportunity. We are all part of this and communicating effectively will make a huge […]